PTT Two-Way Radios for Go-Kart Tracks

Go-Kart tracks come in many shapes and sizes. Some are designed for family fun while others are built for speed. Whether you’re operating a professional go-Kart racing track, or your track caters to a more family-fun type of crowd, PTT two-way radios can be instrumental in helping you manage your track more effectively and efficiently.

These are some of the benefits two-way radios bring to the table for your track, your staff, and your ease of operation.

Keep Maintenance on Track

Track maintenance is important for promoting the safety of the people who are riding carts on your tracks. The open wheel nature of these carts makes it essential to ensure there is no debris on the tracks that could pose safety risks and the track itself is in optimal condition for the demands of the day. If something does go wrong, you need to communicate the problem immediately with your maintenance team to get a prompt response so riders can get back on the track. At the same time, you can keep other members of your team on target, such as:

  • Engineers
  • Ride operators
  • Security
  • Concessions
  • Ticket takers

Essentially, all members of your staff can improve efficiency and guest services with the use of PTT two-way radios.

Promote Safety at Every Turn

Whether your track is a standard oval or it has many twists and turns to keep things interesting, safety is critical for everyone. Push to talk two-way radios help you monitor the safety situation and address potential problems, safety rule breakers, or outright dangerous situations, so they can be immediately addressed and corrected.

If accidents occur, two-way radios allow you to coordinate with the appropriate parties for a swift response and to determine if medical attention is required. Applications, like SOS Alerts, help to send out emergency messages instantly when necessary as well.

Drown Out Crowd and Cart Noises

One of the best features about push to talk two-way radios is that they have built in technology that helps to enhance voice communication quality while reducing background noises from crowds and carts alike. This means the right people get the information they require without interrupting the fun of spectators and families alike.

Allow Cart Racers to Communicate With Their Teams

For go-Kart tracks that feature professional Kart racing, two-way radios allow cart drivers to communicate with members of their team while driving. This can help to relay potential handling problems that need to be addressed or specific concerns about speed in certain turns or corners in the moment to get feedback on improving times.

Ultimately, there are few ways go-Kart track operators can benefit from the addition of push to talk two way radios into their lineup of tools and technology. Contact Peak PTT today to learn about the specific way your organization can benefit.


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