Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios for Road Construction Workers

Road construction is essential to keep our infrastructure in the best shape possible. Road construction work, however, can be dangerous when the right precautions aren’t followed. Construction already has the potential for hazardous working conditions without adding in drivers speeding down the highway on their way to and from work.

Not only can road construction be dangerous, but communication can be difficult. Road construction workers can be relatively spread out along a roadside and have trouble speaking to one another or supervisors. Stopping work to walk down the roadside to ask for the right tool or speak to a supervisor can both cause delays and result in roadside accidents. Plus, even when coworkers are nearby, talking over the sound of loud car engines can be difficult.

That’s why road construction workers, highway flagmen, and foremen turn to Peak PTT two-way radios for their communication needs.

Easy Communication with the Push of a Button

Digging out a cell phone to send or receive a message wastes time and can lead to distractions. With Peak PTT radios, workers can send messages immediately with the push of a button. This simplifies communication and ensures that the message is sent and received by the right party right away.

Noise Cancellation

Construction sites are loud enough without the added noise of cars on the highway nearby. Peak PTT radios feature noise-cancellation technology that makes communication in even the noisiest environments seamless. By cutting out background noise, workers can send and receive clear messages and eliminate any confusion or interference.

Durable and Water Resistant

Construction workers need a durable radio. Cheap walkie-talkies and breakable cell phones won’t cut it. Dirt, dust, and drops can all render other communication devices unusable. However, at Peak PTT, we offer several radios that are built to withstand dust, dirt, water, and falls.

Take the Peak PTT 594G Pro LTE Radio. This radio is IP rated 68 and built to withstand even the harshest environments. Plus, it comes with a powerful 2W speaker to ensure that messages are always heard loud and clear.

Easy Communication for Flaggers

Highway flag men make sure the rest of the construction workers stay safe on the job. But to do their job right, they need to be able to communicate easily with one another. Peak PTT gives highway flagmen the tools they need to control the flow of traffic and warn others if there’s an issue on the road.

A Safety Line During Emergencies

Peak PTT two-way radios feature a panic button that allows workers to instantly send out an emergency signal to other workers in case of an emergency.

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