Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Multi-Site Construction Projects

Managing employees on just one construction project can be a challenge, so it’s no surprise that managing employees across multiple construction sites is an even bigger challenge. Every site has a team of employees you need to stay on top of, along with schedules, budgets, technicalities, and specific needs.

Common problems that managers can face when dealing with multi-site construction projects include overrunning construction costs, late delivery, and mismanagement that can result in lower quality for your clients.

These problems, along with many others that you can face on multi-site construction projects, often stem from, in part or whole, communication issues. Communication is a key part of any successful construction project, and it is all the more important when dealing with multi-site construction projects.

Push to talk two way radios are the best solution to communication problems for multi-site construction projects. Plus, PTT two way radios come with additional benefits that are sure to improve any multi-site construction operation.

Instant and Efficient Communication

PTT two way radios offer instant communication with any employee outfitted with a radio. This allows you to effectively and quickly check in with employees throughout the day or be there to answer any questions if they contact you.

PTT two way radios can be used by contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, inspectors, construction workers, site managers, executives, and anyone else who is involved in any of the projects.


You also have the option for private modes of communication with Peak PTT two way radios. So that you can communicate with executives, inspectors, and other workers without worrying about others listening in.

Multiple Channels

Multiple channels come with Peak PTT two way radios at no extra charge. This is a great way to manage the communication of large groups of workers, especially if you’re communicating with multiple sites.

You can designate each site its own channel, or even break down the communication further by designating certain workers within a site to certain channels to keep the channels open. Furthermore, you can designate yourself and your managers their own channel so they only have to hear information that is intended for them.

GPS Tracking

 Peak PTT also provides GPS tracking software for all of our radios. This is extremely beneficial for keeping track and monitoring the locations of your employees.

  • It allows you to provide more accurate information to payroll regarding employees’ actual arrival and departure time.
  • GPS tracking is also great for tracking employees on the road and ensuring they are taking efficient routes to their destination and not abusing their time on the clock.
  • Lastly, GPS tracking allows you to better respond to emergencies with an exact GPS location.

Managing multi-site constructions projects requires good organization and even better communication. PeakPTT two-way radio solutions can help!