PTT for Concrete Companies

Construction manufacturing and distribution companies all over the country rely on concrete companies to operate. Concrete is a universal foundation of all different types of construction, and without it, the modern world wouldn’t be the same.

Concrete companies employ a variety of specialty employees, equipment, and infrastructure. They employ mixer fleets, cement plants, grinding mills, cement terminals, and much more. Plus, concrete is necessary for such a wide range of projects including hospitals, stadiums, warehouse distribution centers, universities, bridges, piers, condominiums, expressways, office buildings, and more.

Due to the size and number of work silos in any given concrete company, there are certain challenges that managers face. Keeping track of individual drivers, assets on the road, work silos, and multiple-site projects can be difficult. It’s easy for communication problems to come up and for accountability and oversight to drop off.

Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios for Concrete Companies

 The best and easiest solution to these challenges is implementing reliable two way radios, like Peak PTT two way radios.

Reliable communication

 Whether you’re a dispatcher keeping track of mixer fleets or a manager of a cement plant, you have many employees that you need to stay on top of. Reaching workers through loud background noise or cellular dead zones on the road can seriously interrupt communication.

Peak PTT two way radios come with noise cancellation so that messages can be sent and received clearly even in loud work sites. Plus, they are long distance so you never have to worry about losing a cell signal. Moreover, they have a long battery life and are easily charged, so you never have to worry about employees being left with a dead battery.


 Peak PTT offers a variety of radios for every work environment. If you lose electronic equipment at the grinding mill from the excess dust in the air, you can pick a radio that is rated to withstand and resist any damage from particulate matter. If water is an issue, you can choose a radio that’s rated for that too. And if water and solid matter is an issue, we offer highly durable radios that are built to keep both water and particulate matter out.

Multiple channels

 For managers that are keeping track of multiple work silos, communication can be either scarce or overwhelming. Not enough communication means little employee oversight, whereas too much communication or information can overwhelm managers and make it difficult to give and receive necessary messages.

Our radios come with the option of multiple channels at no extra charge. This allows you to designate teams to specific channels so they can send and receive messages within their teams without overwhelming channels with information that isn’t relevant to everybody on it. Plus, you can even add an additional channel for managers or supervisors. Therefore, if someone needs to speak to a supervisor, they can quickly get their message out.

If you’d like to learn more about how our radios can benefit your business, check out this article from our blog about the advantages of our radios in construction. Or give us a call here at PeakPTT at  855-600-6161.