Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Golf Tournaments

Push To Talk 2-Way Radios For Golf Tournaments

It takes a lot of people working together and communicating effectively over many wide open spaces to make golf tournaments for the PGA, amateur leagues, Pro-Am tours, charity events, fundraisers, and more to go off seamlessly. Push to talk two-way radios for golf tournaments can be instrumental in making that happen.

Who Needs Fast Access to Communications at a Golf Tournament?

Whether you’re the official watching for the elusive whole-in-one or emergency personnel to address medical emergencies, instant access to communication via push to talk two-way radios can be instrumental in maintaining safety, security, and order throughout your tournament or event. People on your team who may need access to instant communication include:

  • Event staff
  • Event management team
  • Security staff
  • Emergency responder units
  • Groundskeepers
  • Food and beverage staff

Push to talk two-way radios make effective communication for members of your golf tournament team who are inside or out during various stages of the tournament.

Communicate Over Large Distances

There’s no doubt that golf tournaments are spread out over large chunks of real estate. When you include parking, admissions, registration, gift shops, concessions, and the many other areas where people associate, congregate, and need to communicate, you need reliable communication that can span the distance.

Peak PTT two-way radios operate on our nationwide 4G network with 3G backup in place to ensure communication goes uninterrupted throughout your golf event.

Essentially Waterproof Radios

Unlike mobile phones and other, more vulnerable modes of communication, many of today’s tough and rugged push to talk two-way radios are designed to work out in the elements. That means they can endure a sudden downpour or an occasional dunk in the drink from golf course water hazards. Simply choose radios with high IP ratings to make sure your radios are up for the tasks at hand.

Long Battery Life

Golf tournaments, for the teams working the events, involve long days of preparation ahead of time. When the main event rolls around, you could find members of your event staff operating from the dark of morning well into the dark of night. You need long-lasting batteries, convenient charging stations, and extra backup batteries to get you through the day without missing a beat along the way.

Peak PTT understands the many communications challenges of operating large events, like golf tournaments. We can help you with all your golf tournament communication needs. Contact us today to learn more about why push to talk two-way radios are your best bet for your next big golf tournament. Call 855-600-6161