7 Peak PTT Two-Way Radio Features Business Owners Love

There’s a lot to love about Peak PTT two-way radios for businesses. Below you will learn about seven features of Peak PTT two-way radios that business owners love in particular. Perhaps, they can help you make an informed decision about incorporating push to talk two-way radios from Peak PTT into your business operations.

  1. Communication versatility. You have many options to consider when it comes to communicating via two-way radio, including one-touch communication to all, communicating with a select group of people, or engaging in private one-on-one communication.
  2. No need for special licensing. With certain types of radios and communication devices it is necessary to apply for special licensing. That isn’t the case with push-to-talk two-way radios. That makes them easy to use and hassle-free methods for communication.
  3. Long battery life. Some Peak PTT two-way radios offer long battery life, up to 14 hours, which means they can manage the rigors of long shifts and workday needs.
  4. Rugged and durable. Most Peak PTT two-way radios have high IP ratings making them durable choices for workers in the field, in the office, and on-the-go. You can even use them in wet conditions when you choose radios that are essentially waterproof.
  5. Multiple options for sharing data. While most people are familiar with the ability to communicate via voice communications by two-way radio, many are surprised to learn that modern radios are equipped with cameras so workers can share images as well as text capabilities so you can text important data back and forth while workers are in the field.
  6. Cost-effective communication option. The other thing that business owners really love about Peak PTT two-way radios is that it doesn’t break the bank to get the system up and running. In fact, with improved efficiency created by your two-way radios, it practically pays for itself.
  7. GPS locating and other safety features. When you have people who work in the field and out of sight, the many safety features available with two-way radios make them no-brainers for business owners. It is something any business owner who has faced emergencies with team members deeply appreciates.

Peak PTT understands the many challenges businesses face today when it comes to communicating effectively with members of their team. Whether you have people in the field, people across a large warehouse, or people spread out across the country, Peak PTT can help you come up with the perfect communication protocols and plan for using our two-way radios so everyone can stay informed.  Call us here at PeakPTT at 855-600-6161 if you have any questions.