Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Bridge Infrastructure Projects

Bridges are vital to America’s infrastructure. Unfortunately, The American Road and Transmission Builders Association estimates that 54,239 of the bridges across our nation have crumbling structures – a task that will take a minimum of 80 years to restore.

Add to that the fact that by the time these bridges will be repaired there will be even more needing attention, and it’s a massive problem requiring thousands of workers stretched across the many miles of bridges in this county. Every one of these workers needs access to fast, effective, clear communication, which is precisely what push to talk two way radios deliver.

These are some of the workers who need to be able to communicate swiftly while working on our bridges:

  • Bridge crewmembers
  • Bridge engineers
  • Bridge supervisors
  • Bridge paint preppers
  • Bridge heavy equipment operators
  • Bridge inspectors
  • Team leaders
  • Project managers

With a problem so complex, it takes a large infrastructure of professionals to solve it. These are a few of the ways push to talk two way radios can help.

Nationwide 4G/3G Coverage

Our PeakPTT network covers the entire nation with crystal clear and instant 4G communication. We also offer 3G communication. This means you can keep your bridge infrastructure team on the same page even if they are located six states away.

GPS Locating Capabilities

Improve safety for lone workers and ensure prompt help arrives when emergencies occur with the GPS tracking capabilities push to talk two-way radios. You can even use our dispatch software to know where all your people are located at any given time.

Flexibility in Communication

Not only can you use the one-touch push button power of push to talk two way radios to address your entire team, but you can also use it to speak with smaller groups, such as those working on a specific project, or to have a remote meeting with your engineers or project managers. You can even select a single person to engage in one-on-one communication with. The flexibility of push to talk two way radios is one of their most valuable features for bridge infrastructure projects like yours.

Peak PTT understands the many challenges you face when operating with teams spread far and wide across cities, counties, states, and the country as a whole. Let us help you create a communications network that will make communication as simple as if every member of your bridge infrastructure and repair team was located right next door.

Contact us  today at PeakPTT with any questions about our radios and platforms