5 Reasons to Choose Everest Dispatch Console

The Everest Dispatch Console from Peak PTT offers excellence at every turn when it comes to workforce management. It has all the features you’d expect from a much larger dispatch console sold by dedicated console dealerships —but at a much lower cost.

You simply set up the console on your own Windows 7 or Windows 10 PC that meets minimum requirements and you’re set to begin enjoying these five reasons so many businesses, in various industries, are selecting Everest Dispatch Console for their operations.

  1. Location tracking on demand. The ability to track your workers on demand helps you to accurately record hours worked, ensures your workers are at the correct location, and helps to improve safety for people who work alone or when accidents and injuries occur. Location tracking capabilities also encourages workers to skip personal errands or time-stealing, saving your organization money.
  2. Embedded recording. No mixed signals or missed messages thanks to embedded recording. This helps you keep your entire team on the same page even when working remotely or on various job sites across the country.
  3. Geo-fencing. This feature alerts you anytime members of your team stray beyond a certain geographic boundary. This means you’ll get alerts if they leave the jobsite during business hours or if they are at the wrong jobsite so you can address the issue promptly.
  4. Affordability. Perhaps the most important reason to consider the Everest Dispatch Console is its amazing affordability to implement and operate. We’ll work with you through the setup process so that you can hit the ground running with our cost-effective dispatch console so you can get your team on track and step up your communications game.
  5. Backed by Peak PTT customer and service return policy. The final piece of the puzzle is the outstanding Peak PTT customer service you get from the very beginning and as long as you are part of the Peak PTT family. This in addition to our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that gives you 45 days from the date of purchase to decide if you are satisfied with your choice for a full refund on your push to talk two-way radios.

Peak PTT understands that change can be difficult. However, we firmly believe we can help you change the way you communicate in a way that will benefit your entire organization. Contact us today to learn more about our Everest Dispatch Console and the many ways we can help you upgrade efficiency through communications improvements today. Call: 855-600-6161