Push to Talk Radios for Railroads

Rail transportation remains a viable means for shipping products and goods, and transporting people, throughout the United States. While not as fashionable a method of travel as in Europe, the rails provide a comfortable travel experience for many professional commuters and travelers wary of air travel every day.

Effective communication is essential for keeping the rails safe for all parties and products. You can improve communication for your professional team by equipping them with push to talk, or PTT, radios.

How Can Your Organization Use PTT Two-Way Radios for Railroads?

Communication is essential in any business. Railroads are no different. Push to talk radios offer a variety of advantages over other communications methods, including things like range, call clarity, ease of use, and ruggedization for rough and tumble use by railroad employees. These are just a few ways your organization can benefit from push to talk radios.

  • Improve worker safety. Peak PTT radios are equipped with GPS location meaning that accidents and injuries, even when occurring in some of the more remote areas your trains travel, can receive prompt attention with exact GPS coordinates with the press of a single button.
  • Make communication more efficient. Improving communication helps you to maximize efficiency and increase profits for your entire organization. Push to talk radios improve efficiency all around, making it easy to communicate with large groups, small groups, individuals, or even your entire organization all at once. It also eliminates the need for text messages, phone tag, or voice mail retrieval – all of which are time consuming and rob your organization of precious productivity.
  • Reduce communication costs. Mobile phones that can handle a rough and tumble life working on the railroad are expensive. Replacing them gets even more expensive. Two way radio systems are made to take a few tumbles, thrills, chills, and spills and keep on working. More importantly, they are more cost-effective when the time comes to replace a unit or add a new unit to your ranks.

Who Can Use Two Way Radios?

Think about all the people within your organization that communicate with others daily. Every one of them may benefit by bringing two way, push to talk radios, into the fold, including:

  • Conductors
  • Field service engineers
  • Dispatchers
  • Train crews
  • Technicians
  • Maintenance mechanics
  • Riggers
  • Trainyard personnel
  • Locomotive conductors and inspectors
  • Other railroad employees

You can even use push to talk radios to communicate with executives and VIP clients with crystal clear communication that blocks background noises that are constantly present on trains, in train yards, and similar industrial settings.

Still have questions about push to talk and what it can mean for your organization? Contact Peak PTT today by calling us at 855-600-6161 to learn more about the services and equipment we offer and how they can benefit your entire organization.

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