Push-to-Talk (PTT) Two-Way Radios for Multiplex Theaters

Providing guests with exceptional cinematic experiences is the ultimate goal of every multiplex theater owner or management team. Your employees operate far more effectively and can aid greatly in accomplishing that goal with the help of exceeding guest expectations at every turn with efficient, instantaneous communication that push-to talk, or PTT, two- way radios deliver.

These are just a few reasons they are the ideal communication solutions for multiplex theater staff.

Instant Communication at the Push of a Button

This helps the staff and management stay on top of issues as they arise. From trouble in the projection room to ticketing problems and concession stands running out of popcorn cups, solutions are one click of a button away.

It also allows team members to discretely communicate with management about potential problems or customer concerns, especially when used in combination with accessories, like headsets that do not allow others to overhear the conversations.

Superb Sound Quality

Many people might operate under the misguided understanding that it is impractical to use radios for communication in multiplex theaters. They may believe the noise of crowds and action on the screen might make it impossible to hear conversations over the radio. Thanks to massive technological advancements, modern two-way radios have equipment on board that not only enhances the voice quality of the person speaking, but also drowns out the background noise so messages go through with crystal clear clarity.

No Distracting Lights and Whistles

This is especially true when team members use headsets with their radios. Unlike mobile phone communications that light up when calls are being made or received, often distraction movie-goers, push-to-talk two-way radios do not have this problem. They allow for completely discrete communication that doesn’t interfere with the movie experience for guests.

Keep Security on the Same Page

Safety is a primary concern for theater managers and staff in today’s society. Any large gathering space can be problematic for natural disasters, floods, and, unfortunately, even violence. When these types of events happen, two-way radios allow your staff to communicate the nature of the emergency to emergency responders and help manage evacuations of the theater, as needed, in the safest possible manner.

Whether you’re just kicking the tires or ready to see for yourself the benefits push-to-talk two-way radios have to offer your multiplex theater, Peak PTT can help you find the best solution for your communication needs.

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