Checklist of Must-Have Features for Your Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radio

Today’s Push-to-talk two-way radios offer users a ton of bells and whistles. Some people, new to the use of push-to-talk radios and how they work might be distracted from the features that are truly necessary to improve their communications efforts. These are some of the “must-have” features businesses should require of their push-to-talk two-way radios.

Secure Communication Capabilities

It’s important for businesses to operate with the understanding that their communications are secure. Whether discussing trade secrets, sales strategies, or the next quarterly earnings projections, you need to know those conversations are safe and secure.

Compatibility with Multiple Platforms

While the radios themselves facilitate effective communication between the home office and teams “on the ground,” the system Peak PTT two-way radios operate on is compatible with mobile phones, desktop computers, text messaging, email, and more. This allows business leaders to maximize the efficiency of the system by utilizing multiple tools for communication.

Group Communication Capabilities

In addition to facilitating group communication, Peak PTT works with you to establish effective settings to promote one on one communication, small group communication, and large group communication. You can communicate with your entire organization, small teams within your organization, or individuals, as needed, with push-to-talk two-way radios.

Text Message and Data Transfer Capabilities

In addition to managing voice communications between individuals, small groups, and large groups alike; push to talk two-way radios feature text messaging and data transfer capabilities allowing your people to send you texts, images, and other data while on the go and without requiring additional equipment to do so.

Selection of Accessories to Facilitate Wide Range of Communications Needs

Other features to seek from PTT two-way radios for your organization include a long list of accessories that make the radios more useful to all parties within your organization according to their specific communications needs. From long-lasting batteries, and battery backups, to portable charging stations, hands-free headsets, and microphones, there are many accessories that can help you get more mileage from your radios.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a PTT two-way radio feature you don’t want to leave home without. It isn’t only beneficial to you for keeping track of worker locations. When accidents or injuries occur, it can be a lifeline that leads help to the men and women your organization has out in the fields.

Peak PTT understands the communications challenges businesses face today. We can help you find the right radios, features, and accessories to help you get the job done. Learn more by contacting us today. Call: 855-600-6161

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