Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC) for Construction Crews

Construction crews have tough jobs to do. They are surrounded by the elements and work in a variety of conditions. They must also deal with the hazards of their work environments and a great deal of noise on any given day. It can create a challenging environment for communicating with your teams. PTT over cellular, or POC, offers an outstanding solution to address those unique challenges.

Ruggedized Equipment Available

While it isn’t necessary to purchase two-way radios for every member of your construction crew, there are two-way radios available that have been ruggedized to withstand the harsh environment that may destroy less hardy models on the market.

Additionally, your construction crew has the option of using their own Android and iOS devices, via downloadable apps, for their push-to-talk communications.

Noise-Cancelling Technologies

Because construction environments are often noisy, there is no substitute for the value of noise-cancelling technology available through Peak PTT. Eliminate the noises of steal on steal, jackhammers on concrete, and countless other distracting sounds in favor of crystal clear communication with PoC for construction crews.

Coordinate with Multiple Teams Simultaneously

You can set up small groups, large groups, private communications, or talk with your complete list of contacts simultaneously. This allows you to communicate organizational messages, safety messages, and simply coordinate everyone’s tasks for the day. The push-button nature of PTT communications makes communicating with all your groups a snap.

GPS Locating

When you must multiple teams in the field, locating teams to deal with emergencies or unexpected scheduling changes can be a challenge. PoC operates over a 4G LTE network allowing for real-time GPS locating of all your crew members in the field. This makes rendering aid during emergencies a simpler process and aids in the location of your assets for dispatch purposes.

Facilitates Quick Status Reports and Updates

Not only does the GPS allow you to locate your people in the field so you can tell when they’ve arrived at their assigned destinations, but the one-button nature of PTT technology allows team members to deliver short bursts of information, such as updates and status reports in an instant.

Still not sure push to talk is the right move for your construction crew? Let the low startup costs do the talking for you. If you have any questions or concerns about how effective PoC can be for your construction business, contact Peak PTT to learn about the many other benefits this technology delivers.

Interested in getting Peak PTT for your construction crew? Chat with us live here at Peak PTT today or give us a call at 855-600-6161.

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