5 Ways Push to Talk Over Cellular (POC) Helps You Plan and Implement a Better Concert Event

With the right communications tools in your hands, your next concert is sure to be a hit. Push to talk over cellular (POC) communications is changing the way the world communicates — and it could very well steal the stage at your next concert or event by allowing you to coordinate your efforts with people throughout the venue so that nothing gets missed throughout the entire event.

Below you will find five of the many ways PTT communications can transform your concert event planning and implementation.

  1. Crowd Control

Controlling the flow of people into and out of the arena may sometimes feel like it takes a village. With push to talk over cellular, you can ensure that staff are at the right places at the right times to help control the flow of traffic and other areas where the crowd may otherwise become unruly, with the push of a button. This allows everyone to be on the same page.

  1. Staff Management During Concert

With POC, you can communicate with a single person, a small group of people, or your entire staff, with the press of a button. This allows you to send emergency messages, informational alerts, and general communications to members of your staff while the concert is going on without interrupting people from their jobs unnecessarily.

  1. Efficient Crew Communication During Setup and Teardown

The ability to send and receive instant voice messages and alerts helps you communicate with your crew without tearing them away from their duties setting up for concerts or clearing up afterward. It also helps you coordinate staff movements and coverage so that no time is wasted during this process.

  1. Maintenance Requests

Whenever things go wrong during a concert or event or something needs to be repaired, timing is critical. Push to talk over cellular provides crystal clear communications with noise cancelling clarity so your maintenance requests are heard loud and clear even when the concert is in full swing.

  1. Patrons Health and Safety

Emergencies happen, even when every possible precaution is taken. When slips, falls, and other medical emergencies occur during your concert event, push to talk over cellular offers instant communication to send out emergency alerts plus GPS location so that help can arrive to your precise location promptly when emergencies occur.

These are just five reasons to consider adding POC communication technology to your event and concert planning business. Peak PTT is here to help you understand countless other ways this cutting-edge technology can help your next concert rock the house.

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