5 Signs It’s Time to Switch Your Two Way Radios from Analog to Digital

Making the switch from analog to digital two-way radios might sound like an unwarranted expense. But, for some businesses, the time is well at hand to make the transition. You might be one of those businesses. In fact, these are five signs your business is ready to switch to digital radio communication.

  1. You Seek Better Sound Quality

In the battle of analog vs. digital two-way radios, digital push to talk is the clear winner when it comes to superior sound quality. Not only are communications clearer throughout the entire communication range, but digital two-way radios offer built-in tools to remove background noise and enhance voice quality, so communication is crystal clear and easier to understand.

  1. You Require Longer Battery Life

When you have workers in the field, you can’t afford to have batteries fail at critical times. Digital radio transmissions require significantly less power than analog push to talk. This means they’ll last longer keeping your people in the field up to 40 percent longer without communication concerns.

  1. You Desire More Functionality from Your Radios

Push to talk over cellular and WiFi offer a range of additional capabilities that include GPS tracking. Push to talk is not a new technology, but digital communication for two-way radios is changing the game by enabling new features like panic buttons, text messaging, individual communication, call logs, and more.

  1. Your Existing Radios and Communication Equipment are Aging

It’s always a good idea to explore upgrading your equipment when the time comes to replace equipment. Often this is the result of normal aging and wear and tear. Most businesses that rely on two-way or push-to-talk communication are not gentle businesses. It’s time to consider upgrading to equipment that has been built to withstand harsh conditions and not-so-gentle treatment. Why not upgrade, also, to equipment poised for the future?

  1. You No Longer Wish to Pay FCC Licensing Fees

Currently, the FCC rules the airwaves used by analog radios. All users are required to purchase licenses to use these radios for communication. It can get costly, but it’s also a huge hassle for businesses to manage all the licensing for everyone who will use two-way radios. Digital presents a much better option with far fewer hassles.

Now that you know you’re ready to make the switch, contact Peak PTT, so we can help you find the right products and services to maximize your communication efforts and meet your communications needs.

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