Push to Talk for Church Communication and Security

As sad as it may be to consider, there is growing evidence that churches today must take security and the safety of their parishioners seriously. One way to do this is by improving the ability to communicate via push to talk communications.

Churches throughout the country are beginning to create security teams tasked with keeping their congregations safe. In many churches, these teams are made of volunteers, often armed with two-way radios.

How Can Push to Talk Keep Church Communities Safer?

Two-way radios provide security teams with effective tools for discrete communication. Equipped with push-to-talk technology, these radios allows them to alert others of potentially volatile situations, notify teams across the church grounds of potential danger, and maintain constant communication in the event of an actual threat on the property.

Not only are these tools effective for communication in active shooter situations, which are garnering a great amount of news coverage recently, they can also be instrumental in medical emergencies, locating parents of lost children, and communication with other members of the church team located in other buildings or areas of the grounds.

Communications Tools for Congregations of All Sizes

Church congregations come in many shapes and sizes. From ultra-small congregations in rural areas tot mega churches in large cities throughout the country. Each one offers different and, sometimes unique, communications and security challenges. Push to talk offers a wide range of options that make communication throughout the property possible. This includes:

  • Communications to personnel in parking lots
  • Communications through multiple buildings and outbuildings
  • Communications within a single building

It is even possible, with push-to-talk technology, to maintain communication with church groups who are traveling for mission trips, fun youth excursions, and educational retreats. This helps to ensure communication and safety even when groups are off the primary church grounds.

Who Needs PTT Communication at Church?

There are several team members in modern churches who specifically benefit from the use of push-to-talk two-way radio communications tools, including:

  • Security team members
  • Children’s church staff
  • Youth ministers and staff
  • Greeters and welcome staff
  • Nursery staff members
  • Custodians and janitorial staff
  • Associate pastors and support clergy

Beyond Sunday services, safety, and security, push to talk radios can be instrumental in aiding the day to day ministry of many churches, large and small, across the country.

If you have questions about push to talk for improved communications and security in your church, contact Peak PTT today at 855-600-6161 to learn about your options and what they can mean for your congregation.

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