PTT Two-Way Radios for Scientific Laboratories

Scientific laboratories are the places where cures are created, where diseases are broken down to basics, and where tests are performed that often determine life and death. Because those who work in scientific laboratories deal with many caustic, harmful, and otherwise unpleasant microbes, communication is important. Push to talk two-way radios, like those offered at Peak PTT, can be game changers for the men and women who work in these sensitive laboratories. Here’s how.

Instant Communication

Things happen that sometimes require fast access to communication. From exciting breakthroughs to emergency messages that need to go out fast, push to talk two-way radios are absolutely the way to go. They are easy to implement and operate and make communication lightning fast, delivering messages in less than a single second. In moments when seconds matter, this second can change outcomes for laboratories.

Individual or Group Communications

Whether your team needs to talk one-on-one or you have alerts, broadcasts, or messages that need to go out to your entire organization, push to talk two-way radios for scientific laboratories can make it happen, seamlessly. You don’t have to jump through hoops to go back and forth and may discover that the ability to communicate with your entire group with this kind of ease is the one thing your communications have been missing all along.

Improve Security for All

Your laboratory most likely has strict safety and security protocols in place already. However, fitting your security staff with push to talk two-way radios adds a new layer to your security efforts. Not only does it provide the easy ability to coordinate security efforts throughout the laboratory facility if there is an issue that needs managing; it also allows members of your team to discreetly report security concerns to the appropriate people without bringing undue attention. With features like emergency or SOS broadcasting, it also improves safety for employees and security staff alike.

One-Touch Convenience

Finally, when people are handling a wide range of materials, both hazardous and benign, it can be challenging to whip out a smartphone to communicate. The one-touch ease of push to talk two-way radios for labs makes it easy for your team members to respond when critical communication is essential.

Scientific laboratories have a lot to worry about on any given day. Communication doesn’t need to be one of them with Peak PTT. Contact us today to learn more about our durable selection of two-way radios and how we can help improve all-around communications for your scientific laboratory and more. Call us at 855-600-6161.

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