Benefits of Push to Talk (PTT) for the Hotel Industry

Push to talk (PTT) communication is revolutionizing and revitalizing the hospitality industry in many exciting ways. Not only can it be used to help management keep up with the inner workings of their hotels when locked away in an office dealing with paperwork and bookkeeping, but it can also prove instrumental for the following employees as well.


PTT offers real-time communication between housekeeping and the front desk to ensure rooms are ready for patrons to check-in keeping guests happy.


Guests begin arriving early for a conference the hotel is hosting and want to check into their rooms before heading out on a few quick adventures. The front-desk can quickly check with housekeeping to determine whether each room is ready on a case-by-case basis.

Maintenance Crew

PTT can be used to deliver real-time information about maintenance needs and to instruct maintenance to reprioritize tasks as needed.


Maintenance has been working to paint one stairwell in the hotel when the power goes out for half the hotel. PTT allows management to redirect maintenance efforts to the power failure, which is a higher priority, and come back to the painting afterward.

Security Team

Communication is vital for security team members in any industry. PTT offers real-time communication at the press of a button.


When a bachelor party gets a little too rowdy and drunk patrons begin harassing other guests by the swimming pool, it is a simple matter to alert all security members to ascend on the scene to restore order and ensure the safety of all guests.

Food and Beverage/Room Service

Whether you’re offering room-service, managing catered events, or hosting a major convention, complete with food service for 500 people, PTT communication can be crucial for keeping your food and beverage department operating efficiently.


A wedding party has decided to change the timing of the cutting of the cake to accommodate a special guest who must depart early. That information can be communicated quickly and easily to the appropriate food and beverage personnel so that no cue is missed and the cake cutting goes off without a hitch.

Front Desk

The front desk is often the hub of activity, information, and guest relations for any hotel. The ability to communicate with all departments instantly via PTT technology allows your hotel to kick that service up a notch.


A guest needs to make an appointment across town quickly but would like to have luggage brought to his or her room before departing. You can quickly relay the message to porters, so they can pick up the luggage and deliver the luggage, so your guest can make the meeting in time.

Push to talk can change the scope and scale of guest experiences your hotel can offer. These are only a few examples. Just imagine what it can mean for your organization.

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