Benefits of 4G Networks for Push-to-Talk Over Cellular

Push to talk over cellular, or PoC, is the latest advance in push to talk communication. It works by utilizing 4G LTE networks to deliver instantaneous communication with a single person or with various designated groups you’ve established in your contacts. These are a few of the impressive benefits 4G networks have to offer businesses adopting push to talk technology.

Instant Communication

4G networks are much faster than 2G or 3G alternatives as well as two-way radio communications. In fact, the ability to communicate via 4G LTE networks is nearly instantaneous, meaning you can deliver your message immediately after pressing the button.

Outstanding Voice Quality

4G networks are known for offering outstanding connectivity and the same holds true for PTT over cellular. Combine that with cutting-edge noise canceling technology and your messages are communicated clearly regardless of what’s going on around you.

Only One Device to Carry Around

In the past, push to talk communications have required not one, but two devices. One two-way receiver and a mobile phone. Not only was this a cumbersome practice, but an expensive one as well. With PoC, your personnel only need to carry one device to enjoy instant access to group and personal communication. That means a lower cost for your organization as well.

Future-Proof Technology

Because our network is the latest in cellular technology, it will stand tall when 2G and 3G networks fall to the wayside and are abandoned by carriers across the country. This means your equipment will not be obsolete in a matter of months, unlike other options.

Limitless Range

Two-way radio communication and other PTT technologies have limited ranges in which they can effectively communicate.  PoC operates on a nationwide network, allowing you to enjoy crystal clear communication with your people whether they are next door, in the next state, or on the other side of the country. This makes PTT an effective communication tool for businesses that spread out, like oil companies that have people working on land rigs, pipelines, in the Gulf, and all points in between.

There is no doubt that communication is essential for all forward-thinking businesses. Using a 4G network for your PoC communications, like Peak PTT, ensures you’re not going to be left behind in a year or two by evolving technology while providing you with an outstanding communication framework to help your business grow and expand.

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