5 Reasons to Use Push-to-Talk Over Cellular in Your Small Business

Small businesses often face big challenges in today’s competitive marketplace. Peak PTT doesn’t believe communication needs to be one of those challenges. That is why we offer outstanding push to talk (PTT) services to small businesses like yours, whether you’re in the field services, security, transportation, construction, events or other industry altogether, like hotel/resort management or school bus dispatch.
Below you will find five reasons now is an ideal time to consider incorporating PTT technology into your business as an effective communications solution.

  1. Improved Security: Whether your business is in the transportation industry or you offer field services to help communities pick up the pieces after devastating storms roll through, your people in the field need a secure forum so you can communicate vital safety information, key security information, and more without fear of criminals or competitors gaining access to these communications. Push to talk communication systems provide a degree of security unavailable in traditional two-way communication mediums.
  2. More Efficient Dispatch Services: Time is critical when you have people in the field. If you’re restoring power after an outage or responding to emergencies, you need to be able to quickly identify the closest assets you have in the field and dispatch them to the greatest emergency right away. Push to talk communication systems offers integrated GPS locating services to quickly locate all assets in the field for greater efficiency when dispatching your people, in addition to the opportunity to integrate dispatch software.
  3. Promotes Safety: Push to talk differs from traditional mobile phone use by allowing drivers to initiate communication, terminate communication, and answer communications with the touch of a single button. This makes the process DOT compliant and improves safety for your drivers and everyone else on the roads.
  4. Low Start-Up Costs: In today’s business climate, every dollar matters. Push to talk communication offers a much more cost-effective solution for businesses than traditional LMR radio systems and far fewer startup costs than most other systems available. Not only is it unnecessary to purchase costly expensive, but the month-to-month costs are also extremely reasonable.
  5. Nationwide Coverage: For businesses that operate outside the borders of one city, stage, or geographic region, there are few benefits more important than the benefit to communicate across the nation. PTT utilizes 4G LTE networks to facilitate communications allowing you crystal clear communications with field workers on the other side of the country.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons you need to adopt push to talk for your business. When you’re ready to take the plunge, contact Peak PTT and let us help you learn even more great ways your business can benefit from our technology. Call us at 1-855-600-6161 or email us at info@peakptt.com

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