Why Snow Plow Companies Love Peak PTT Two-Way Radios

Snowplowing is one of the most vital businesses during the wintertime. Without snow plowers out on the roads early in the morning or late at night to clear the roads during and after snowstorms, other businesses would be unable to function.

In every snowplow company, efficiency and clear communication are key. This ensures that every snowplow truck is following the best route and not traveling to roads that have already been plowed. Good communication also makes sure that if any trucks get into trouble that they can receive immediate assistance and get back on the road or to the hospital. Snowplow trucks have to work during the most dangerous communications, so safety is vital for a good operation.

One of the best ways you can improve communication, efficiency, and safety in a fleet of snowplows is by investing in push-to-talk two-way radios. Below are some specific reasons your fleet should be outfitted with the right radios.

Driver Location – Safety and Efficiency

 As mentioned, making sure you know where your drivers are and are headed makes it much easier to coordinate with other drivers to make sure they’re not going where another driver just plowed. Furthermore, drivers can coordinate and plan with one another where each driver should go to make sure that they are not crossing paths and the most efficient routes are taken.

In addition, knowing where each driver is located improves each driver’s safety. Peak PTT radios have GPS, so dispatch always knows where a driver is located. What’s more, with push-to-talk two-way radios, drivers can easily communicate to other drivers or management if they slide off the road or get stuck in a snowbank so that they can be assisted and get back on the road. Peak PTT two-way radios also have a panic button, so drivers can have a help line if they encounter an emergency.

Moreover, if a driver gets in an accident, they can easily communicate and get emergency services to their location as quickly as possible, potentially saving lives.

One-Touch Communication

 Peak PTT two-way radios allow for easy, effective one-touch communication. Whether it’s dispatch communicating to drivers about changes in routes, worsening weather, or an emergency, easy communication means a better, safer operation.

Long-Range Communication

Long-range communication is a necessity if you have multiple drivers scattered across an area. If the drivers can’t communicate across long distances to each other or dispatch, then it’s just as well that they don’t have any communication devices at all. Peak PTT two-way radios are made for clear, long-range communication so that none of your drivers will ever be out of range.

Clear Communication

 Another reason snowplow companies love Peak PTT two-way radios is the quality of sound. The noise coming from high winds, traffic, or the snowplow scraping the road can make communication on radios difficult. However, Peak PTT two-way radios cut down on background noise so that drivers will have an easy time communicating clearly.

These are just a few of the reasons why snow plow companies love Peak PTT two-way radios. If you’d like to learn more about how Peak PTT two-way radios can help your business, continue reading our blog and reviewing our website, then give us a call at 855-600-6161 if you have any questions.