Why Schools Should Use Push to Talk Two-Way Radios

Modern two-way push to talk radio for school districts.

Nowadays, every school should have teachers and staff outfitted with push to talk two-way radios. Push to talk two-way radios can provide a huge range of significant benefits to schools.

The first and most obvious benefit to using push to talk two-way radios in schools is that they provide additional security. Unfortunately, we live in a world where school security is constantly being threatened. Rather than ignoring these safety concerns, we need to remedy them.

In addition to security, push to talk two-way radios have many other uses. Read on to learn how push to talk two-way radios can benefit your staff, students, and school as a whole.

Benefits of Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Schools

 Push to talk two-way radios aren’t your average walkie-talkies. They are sophisticated, long-distance devices that allow multiple parties to communicate seamlessly and immediately.


 As mentioned above, school security is more important than ever before. In the case of an active shooter, push to talk two-way radios can help teachers and staff to immediately get the word out about the situation, contact the police, and help eachother stay informed regarding the shooter(s) location.

Health and safety:

 In addition to security, push to talk two-way radios can help with health and safety concerns. For example, if an accident involving blood, vomit, or human waste happens, teachers can immediately notify janitors to come to their room to clean up the mess.

Also, two-way radios will allow easier and faster access to nurses. If a student gets hurt, teachers and staff can easily reach the nurse. This is especially useful if the nurse is not by her phone.

Lastly, if a nurse needs to track down an individual student, they can discreetly communicate with teachers and staff to locate them in order to give their necessary treatment or medication.

Field trips:

 Field trips are usually a time of fun for students, but they about a lot of problems. Most of all, teachers and chaperones need to make sure that all of their students are accounted for, especially before they move from one location to the next.

Two-way radios allow teachers to communicate with one another to keep track of all of their students and ensure that the field trip goes on without a hitch.

Peak PTT: Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios for Schools

If you’re looking to outfit your school with a push to talk two-way radio, look no further than Peak PTT. Peak PTT radios are all high quality. They provide long distance, seamless communication that is available at a push of a button. There are radios and pricing plans that are suitable to every school’s needs. Plus, there are accessories available, like headsets and dispatch software, that provide additional benefits.

Enjoy the peace of mind and simple communication that two-way radios afford your school with Peak PTT.