Why Plumbing Companies Love PeakPTT Two Way Radios

Plumbing companies are often in need of reliable and efficient communication methods to ensure smooth operations and happy customers. One such communication tool that has gained popularity among plumbing companies is the two-way radio, specifically PeakPTT’s two-way radios.

Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radios for Plumbing Companies

PeakPTT’s two-way radios are designed to provide clear, instant communication between team members, even in areas with poor cellular reception. This is especially important for plumbing companies as they often work in areas such as basements and underground levels where cellular signals may not be reliable.

One of the main advantages of PeakPTT’s two-way radios is the ability to connect multiple radios on one network. This allows for easy coordination between team members and ensures that everyone is on the same page, even when working on separate tasks.

Multiple Channels

The radio also allows for private communication between specific team members, ensuring that channels aren’t overwhelmed with different teams trying to communicate at one time. Multiple channels simultaneously silos teams while providing them access to a channel specifically for access to dispatch and managers.


In addition to the clear and efficient communication provided by PeakPTT’s two-way radios, they are also durable and rugged, making them ideal for the tough working conditions that plumbing companies often find themselves in. They are also waterproof and dustproof, which is important when working in damp and dirty environments.

Long Battery Life

Another feature that makes PeakPTT’s two-way radios ideal for plumbing companies is their long battery life. This ensures that team members can stay connected throughout their shift, without having to constantly stop to recharge their radios.

Radio Accessories

PeakPTT’s two-way radios also come with a range of accessories such as earpieces and headsets, making them comfortable to wear and easy to use. This allows for hands-free communication, which is essential for plumbing companies as it allows team members to focus on their work without being distracted by holding a radio in their hands.

Tracking Plumbing Fleets

When employees are driving, traditional means of communication like using a cell phone can prove dangerous. Furthermore, push-to-talk two-way radios for plumbing fleets allow supervisors and managers to monitor where driver’s real-time location. This can help with dispatching employees to specific job sites while also making sure they are staying on task during the work day.

Peak PTT

Plumbing companies love PeakPTT’s two-way radios and can reap the benefits of improved communication and productivity immediately. Peak PTT’s two-way radios are also affordable and customers can browse from a variety of options to select the radios that best suit their needs and budget.

We invite you to learn more about Peak PTT radios can benefit field service companies like yours.