Why CMV Drivers Love Peak Push to Talk Two-Way Radios

Peak push to talk, or PTT, two-way radios are ideal choices for CMV drivers, and they love our radios because of it. From the ease of use (thanks to one-touch communication) to the bells and whistles designed to improve safety, maximize functionality, and reduce miscommunication between carriers and drivers, there is much to love. We understand that different carriers have different needs in communication tools and equipment and work with you to identify the most effective methods for your needs.

These are two big reasons why CMV drivers love Peak PTT two-way radios.

#1) Compliant with DOT Regulations

Our radios, including the Peak PTT PT-84G, are ideal because they not only comply with modern Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, but current FMCSA rules prohibit drivers from holding mobile devices to make calls or dial when it requires them to press more than a single button. With push to talk two-way radios, it’s only necessary for drivers to press a single button to make calls, which makes them compliant – as long as drivers do not have to “unsafely reach” for it.

The regulations go beyond dialing mobile phones however. The full list of things CMV drivers are prohibited from doing with mobile phones include:

  • Dial
  • Hold
  • Reach
  • Read
  • Text

The restrictions make mobile phones a moot point for CMV drivers today, which is where push to talk two-way radios come into the picture.

#2) Reduces Distractions

Peak PTT two-way radios also help to reduce distracted driving that often occurs when using cell phones in vehicles. This makes the roads safer for them and other drivers alike.

How big of a problem is cell phone use when it comes to distracted driving? According to the DOT, CMV drivers who take their eyes off the road to dial their mobile phones face six times greater risk of being involved in safety critical events, including:

  • Crashes
  • Near-crashes
  • Unintentional lane deviations

This is compared to drivers who do not use mobile phones while driving. When considering the sheer size of a truck and the amount of time it takes to stop one of these vehicles, the risks are too great.

These are just two of the prime reasons drivers love Peak PTT two-way radios. Other reasons include the incredible functionality of these radios when you’re not behind the wheel. This functionality allows for better communication, greater efficiency, emergency notifications, and a lifeline for effective communication with dispatch while on the road.

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