What is the Range of PeakPTT Two-Way Radios?


Reliable communication is a vital part of every business. Communication happens on all levels of business. This includes communication between coworkers, managers and subordinates, and employees and customers. When communication suffers, so does your business.

Some businesses use cellphones or walkie-talkies to communicate, but as we’ll see these aren’t always long-range or effective. Luckily, PeakPTT provides an effective solution to long-range communication, no matter where you are. Below, we’ll dive into why long range communication is vital and explain the range of PeakPTT radios.

Why is Long Range Communication Important?

Long-range communication is a part of almost every business. In some settings, a simple landline is enough to suffice. But if you have employees spread across a large retail store, or employees out in the field, communication can be a challenge.

Without long-range communication, employees have to rely on cell phones or other means of communication, which can be unreliable and costly. The consequences of not having reliable long-range communication can range from low accountability to low efficiency and can even lead to dangerous situations or liability in some cases.

Obstacles to Short-Distance Communication Devices

Short-distance communication devices like walkie-talkies are often used in businesses because they are cheaper and easier to use than other communication devices. However, there are some obstacles to using these devices, especially in large areas. For example, if you have a large warehouse, walkie-talkies may not be powerful enough to communicate between different areas. Additionally, walls and other objects can block the signal, making it difficult to communicate effectively.

Range of PeakPTT Two-Way Radios

The PeakPTT two-way radios are unique because they offer a virtually unlimited range with nationwide coverage. PeakPTT uses the internet, WiFi, and cellular network to allow for communication across the country. Plus, PeakPTT radios are digital and the audio is always crystal clear, unlike walkie-talkies and cellphones with poor reception.

This means that no matter where you are, you can communicate with anyone who has a PeakPTT radio. As long as you’re in the cellular network, you can use the PeakPTT radio.

PTT-584G Two-Way Radio

One of our most popular push-to-talk radios is the PTT-584G radio. Not only does this radio provide reliable, long-distance communication, but it’s extremely rugged. This radio is designed for construction crews and any businesses that work in harsh or outdoor environments. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof. These radios are built for rugged use where other radios or cell phones won’t cut it.

Plus, it includes an SOS button, which is an emergency panic button that will alert others that there’s an emergency.

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