What Can You Do with a PEAK PTT Two-Way Radio?

Push to talk two-way radios are dynamic tools that can transform how businesses operate and communicate. If you’re looking for an effective way to streamline your communication process, then a Peak PTT two-way radio is the perfect solution. Here are some of the things you can do with a Peak PTT two-way radio.

Instant Communication

One of the most significant advantages of a Peak PTT two-way radio is instant communication. You can connect with your team members or co-workers with the push of a button. Unlike cell phones that require dialing, waiting for a connection, and more, these radios provide an immediate link.

Group Communication

A Peak PTT two-way radio can also enable group communication. Supervisors can talk to multiple team members simultaneously, improving productivity and efficiency.

Create Unlimited Channels

Our two-way radios also allow you to set up unlimited channels for various departments, teams, or projects. This frees up individual channels and ensures only people who need to hear the message receive it.

Create Temporary Groups

You can also create temporary groups as needed, ensuring that you can communicate with the right people for each task.

Fleet-wide Messages

With a PTT two-way radio, you can send out fleet-wide messages instantly. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that manage a fleet of vehicles or drivers. You can alert drivers to traffic, road closures, and other critical information that they need to know while on the road.

GPS Tracking

Peak PTT two-way radios also have built-in GPS tracking, enabling you to monitor the location of your team members or vehicles within 60 seconds of their last position. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that manage a fleet of vehicles or workers in remote or hazardous areas.

Use While Driving

PTT two-way radios are DOT-compliant, allowing you to use them while driving. This feature ensures that your team members can communicate while on the road without violating any laws.

Alert Dispatch Through Panic Button

Our radios also come with a panic button, allowing you to alert dispatch in the case of an emergency. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that manage workers in high-risk environments.

Smart Phone Compatible

These radios are also compatible with smartphones like Android and iPhone with the Everest App that allows for easy access to radio channels through your phone.


Peak PTT also offers several rugged radio options that are built to withstand harsh climates, including water and particulate matter. The PTT-624G Rugged LTE Radio is a perfect example. This radio has an IP rating of 68, allowing it to withstand dust and water. It can survive under 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

 Long Distance Range

Unlike other devices like Land Mobile Radios, Peak PTT uses existing cellular data and WiFi to provide users with instant communication no matter where they are or how far they have to send their message.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at 855-600-6161 or via email at info@peakptt.com.