Using PTT Two-Way Radios to Reduce Factory Injuries

Improving communication in factories is one of the key steps in preventing and reducing factory injuries. From the ability to make factory-wide safety announcements to communicating emergencies with the press of a button, two-way radios with push to talk functionality play critical roles in improving these types of communications. These are just a few ways PTT radios can help.

Keep Management and Workers Informed

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 2.8 million non-fatal injuries and illnesses occurred in the workplace in 2017. Many of these accidents and illnesses causing missed days from work costing employers a great deal of money. Some of these injuries and illnesses could have been prevented with more effective and instant communication options.

Push to talk two-way radios allow you to inform your entire factory instantly when emergencies occur or when important safety messages need to be relayed to your workers in and out of the building whether you need to communicate with specific groups of workers, a single person, or your entire crew.

Maintain Focus of Employees

Mobile phones are huge distractions to bring onto factory floors. People waste time playing games, watching videos, checking messages, etc. rather than attending to the tasks at hand. Failing to maintain focus on factor floors leads to poor quality control and greater risks for injuries.

Two-way radios eliminate access to the many distractions mobile phones represent while allowing your staff to remain connected to information necessary for them to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Improve Response Times When Equipment Breaks Down and Malfunctions

Some of the biggest safety concerns your workers experience on factory floors relate to malfunctioning or broken equipment. Not only do two-way radios allow for prompt attention to the emergencies that arise when this happens, it also facilitates faster response times to avoid further, chain reaction, types of injuries, and to get your equipment operating optimally once again.

While the prevention of accidents and injuries is a worthwhile goal for all factory owners and management, the importance of a fast response to injuries should not be overlooked in value. Two-way radios allow your workers to call for help when accidents and injuries occur instantly. At times when seconds matter, instant access to communication with emergency services is critical and can save the lives of valuable members of your team.

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