Two-Way Radios for Long-Distance Communication

Communication is essential for every business. When communication fails, anything can slip through the cracks. Operational efficiency can falter, customer satisfaction can plummet, accountability can decrease, and safety can fall when communication isn’t up to the right standards.

If you own or manage a farm, construction business, warehouse retail, store, delivery or transportation business, you know just how vital long-distance communication is. Some businesses turn to walkie-talkies to improve communication, if this describes your business, then you already know walkie-talkies provide little-to-no help. That’s because walkie-talkies are highly unreliable, don’t provide long-distance communication, and easily break.

This is where long-distance two-way radios come in.

Peak PTT Two-Way Radios for Long-Distance Communication

In office business settings where all employees are sitting at desks with access to landlines, two-way radios aren’t necessarily needed. But when employees are out in the field, on the road, or spread across a warehouse or construction site, landlines won’t cut it.

You need to be able to reach employees at all times, regardless of where they are.

Peak PTT Two-Way Radios Range

When it comes to long-distance communication, range is everything. Reliable long-distance two-way radios allow clear communication between all parties. With Peak PTT two-way radios, users have virtually unlimited range.

This is because Peak PTT radios connect to existing cellular networks, internet, and WiFi allowing users to communicate wherever they are, no matter the distance.

Audio Quality

Long-distance communication is rendered useless if the audio quality isn’t clear. Unclear messages can result in misunderstandings or the complete inability to communicate, which can cause a whole host of problems.

Peak PTT radios are digital and always deliver clear messages, unlike unreliable walkie-talkies and cellphones which can feature static and messages that cut in and out. Furthermore, Peak PTT radios feature noise-canceling technology. This means that wherever an employee is sending a message, whether it’s in a noisy construction site or loud concert venue, background noise is eliminated to deliver clear messages.

Peak PTT

When you choose Peak PTT, you’re not only choosing long-distance two-way radios, but high-quality, reliable, and durable radios that you can depend on. Unlike walkie-talkies that can break down with a little bit of use and exposure to the elements, Peak PTT two-way radios are built to last.

For harsh environments, Peak PTT offers ultra-rugged radios like the PTT-624G Rugged LTE Radio. Like all of our radios, it features virtually unlimited long-distance range, plus it an IP68 rating, allowing it to resist dirt, dust, and moisture. It can also survive in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes and it’s tested to withstand falls from heights exceeding five feet.