Top Benefits of Push-to-Talk (PTT) over Cellular (PoC)

More and more businesses, in numerous industries, are beginning to adopt push to talk over cellular (PoC) communication and technologies for their businesses. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that more organizations are embracing this evolving technology despite the shortcomings of the past.

Below you will find some of the top benefits that have made PTT a communications contender in the modern workforce.

Instant Access to Communication

PTT allows you the ability to communicate with individuals or large groups of people, over distances, instantly, with the press of a button. There is no delay or latency, as experienced with yesterday’s technology. Instead, you have fast and effective communication.

Low Start-Up Costs

Unlike other systems where you are required to purchase expensive equipment for every person involved, push to talk over cellular can be used with specific equipment or with mobile phone apps on Android and iOS phones, drastically reducing the costs of getting started.

DOT Compliance

With the DOT tracking down on instances of distracted driving and mobile phone use, it provides peace of mind knowing that PTT communications meet the regulations DOT has set forth for commercial vehicle communications while on the road.

Group of Private Communication Option

With PoC, you have the option of holding a private conversation with a single person, speaking with your entire organization, or communicating with a select group of people in your organization.

Superior Sound Quality

One of the most outstanding features of PoC is the sound quality of communications, even in the most inhospitable of conditions (such as factory floors, the heart of a thunderstorm, or even flying out to an oil rig in the Gulf). Thanks to outstanding 4G LTE network and noise canceling technology, you never need to worry about your message getting lost in a fog of static and sound.

Communication Over Distances

With traditional two-way radio communications and earlier PTT iterations, distances could prove difficult to circumvent. Some two-way systems have extremely limited ranges. Even among those with longer range communication capabilities, the quality of sound degraded and become distorted over distances. The 4G LTE network used for PoC helps to eliminate the degradation of sound quality and distortions that often happen over distances.

Today’s technology has made push to talk a better fit for businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. With so many benefits to choose from, the next question you might want to ask is “How can our organization benefit from better communication?”

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