Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Theaters

Theater managers and production directors understand how important it is to be able to communicate with stage crews, stage managers, and sound and light technicians during productions. As one of these professionals, you also understand, all too well, the challenges that represents.

Push to talk two-way radios offer sensible, affordable solutions for theaters to facilitate essential communications without disrupting the production. These are just a few reasons why PTT two-way radios are the perfect solution for theaters.

Instant Access to Communication

Push to talk two-way radios allow for instantaneous communication at the press of a button. There are no delays, relays, or even the need to look up and dial specific numbers. More importantly, you can communicate with everyone in a broadcast message, only a select few people, or a single person when needed.

Exceptional Sound Quality

Modern push to talk two-way radios have features that enhance voice sound while minimizing background noises. That means that even when music is playing, actors are speaking, or utter chaos reigns backstage, the messages come through crystal clear.

Long-Lasting Batteries

In the theater business, days can run long. Especially the days leading up to production when you’re fine tuning, tweaking, and working extra hours to make sure everything is perfect for opening night. You need batteries that will last throughout these long days and the ability to use backup batteries when needed.

Many modern two-way radios come equipped with batteries offering extra long life on full charges. More importantly, you can purchase chargers and spare batteries to facilitate fast recharges or quick switches during these longer days.

Wide Range of Accessories

Because most of your production crew, stage staff, and others who will be using push to talk two-way radios need their hands free, there are a wide range of accessories available so that your crew can communicate without missing a beat. These include things like single ear headsets, double ear headsets, earpieces, boom mics, and speaker mics.


No two productions are exactly the same. Some have extremely large casts, requiring more support backstage. Others require extensive use of sound and lights or extra people to assist with moving set-pieces between acts. This means that the communications needs of each production are also different. With push to talk two-way radios, you can scale your radios up or down according to the needs of each production, making them even more affordable.

Peak PTT can help you create the perfect communications system for your theater that will not interfere with your sound equipment and keep the lines of communication open during rehearsals, shows, and beyond. Contact us today with all your push-to-talk two-way radio communications needs.

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