Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Shopping Outlets

Today’s shopping outlets draw large crowds from across the country and around the world with one goal in mind. They want to save money. Fortunately for shopping outlet owners, the news is good. It means they’re all visiting with the intention of spending money, which is good for business.

But, the sheer size of the average shopping outlet mall or retail area, combined with large volumes of people, can make communication both critical and challenging. Push to talk two-way radios offer a sensible, cost-effective, and easy to operate solution for your communication concerns. These are just a few reasons push to talk two-way radios are ideal for shopping outlets.

Offers Discrete Communication

Thanks to a wide range of headsets, earpieces and microphones, it is quite easy to conduct private conversations about security concerns, cash transfers, and even problems with customers in retail stores without anyone around knowing the details of the conversation.

Fast Communication

The one-touch nature of push to talk two-way radios facilitates nearly instantaneous communication so that no time is wasted looking up numbers, waiting for voice mail, or typing out text messages. Faster communication means you can get maintenance right on the bathroom leak and other issues that arise in an ordinary day.

GPS Location Capabilities

Retail shopping outlets are often extremely large facilities. This makes it easy to get turned around. Especially in the heat of the moment. When emergency services are required, knowing the precise geographic location of a guest having heart issues or going into labor is essential. Thankfully, GPS-enabled two-way radios can lead help to the exact location every time.

Coordinate with Security Staff

The safety of your guests and the people who work in your shopping outlet are important to you. That is why you make the investment in security staff in the first place. Your security staff manages a wide range of crisis on a daily basis, including:

  • Lost children.
  • Emergency illnesses and injuries.
  • Managing crowd-flow for major mall events.
  • Discouraging pickpocketing.

And, on rare occasions, managing active shooter events, fire evacuations, and other emergencies. Push to talk two-way radios allow security teams throughout the shopping outlet to coordinate their efforts to promote safer experiences for staff and guests throughout the outlet.

Peak PTT understands the unique challenges large retail spaces, like shopping outlets, contend with. From exposure to elements to crowd control and background noise, we have radios designed to meet your needs and can help you create an ideal communications solution for your entire organization. Take some time to review our website, and call us at 1-855-600-6161 to learn more or to get your questions answered.

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