Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Pilot Cars

Pilot cars, also called pilot vehicles or escort vehicles, are vehicles commonly used to guide and support convoys of trucks carrying oversized loads, large vehicles, and airplanes on a runway. Pilot cars escorting over-sized, over-dimensional, wide, or heavy freight, are driven by professionals who specialize in this kind of driving.

They understand how to move this kind of freight from point A to point B, safely and effectively. But what if there was a simple solution to make this process even safer and more efficient for pilot car drivers and their convoy? In this article, we will discuss how push-to-talk two-way radios can help pilot car drivers and their trucks carrying freight.


 Push-to-talk two-way radios are designed to be easy to use. It’s in the name: “push-to-talk”. At the push of a button, pilot drivers can be in contact with truck drivers carrying the freight along with dispatch. This eliminates any need to handle a device like a cellphone that requires searching for contacts and placing a call. With two-way radios, all members of the convoy, along with dispatch, can be in contact with one another in an instant.

 Communication and Collaboration

 Push-to-talk two-way radios facilitate good communication and collaboration. In the case that there is an accident ahead on the road, an object on the road that should be avoided, unsafe drivers, etc., pilot drivers can easily contact the rest of the convoy to let them know what is ahead. Or, if there is a roadblock or bridge that can’t be cleared, the pilot driver can immediately let the rest of the convoy know so that they coordinate a change of plan. Two-way radios ensure that if anything unexpected happens on the road, the whole team will be in close contact.

 Clear signal

 Having a clear signal is important at all times. What use is a communication device if you can’t get a signal? On long-haul drives, this is sometimes especially difficult. There can be long stretches on the road where cellphones can get no signal, and walkie-talkies may be ineffective especially if you are leading a large convoy. Two-way radios allow for long-distance communication wherever you are, so you never have to worry about losing a signal and being unable to communicate with the convoy.


 Depending on the weather, the environment, and the type of vehicles being driven, background noise can sometimes be an obstacle to good communication. There could be a long stretch of construction on the side of the road, making conventional means of communication difficult. Two-way radios come with noise-cancellation technology that removes background noise, ensuring clear communication at all times.

If your transportation logistics company transports over-sized, over-dimensional, wide, or heavy freight and utilizes pilot cars, realize all of the above benefits and more by implementing push-to-talk two way radios into your deliveries.