Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Museums

Museums have a lot to protect. From ancient artifacts and priceless exhibits to the people who enter your museums day after day for public events, glitzy fundraisers, and more. The ability to communicate effectively can make every day function more smoothly for your entire staff.

These are just a few of the ways your benefit can benefit from adopting push to talk two way radios for communications improvements.

Send Discrete Alerts to All Staff Regarding Lost Children

Families, school groups and others come into museums every day to watch history come to life, learn about art, explore science, and more. This means there’s a potential for lost children on any given day.

With two way radios, you can alert your staff members about lost children, so they can be on alert for children and/or parents, as the case may be, who appear to be frantically searching for others in their party. Using two way radios in combination with headsets allows you to notify staff discretely about missing children without interfering with the experience of other museum patrons and guests.

Alert Surveillance and Security About Movement of Priceless Pieces

While every artifact in the museum has value, some of them have greater historic or financial value than others. These pieces are carefully monitored at all times. However, they must be maintained and sometimes moved.

Alerting security and surveillance to the exact movements and locations of these priceless artifacts can help keep them secure even when they aren’t as heavily protected as they would be when remaining stationary.

Keep Various Departments Working Cooperatively

It takes many moving parts to keep your museum operating at maximum efficiency. Many museums are open every day except one or two major holidays each year. This means you need to ensure that everyone is able to communicate effectively to manage routine maintenance, cleaning of public areas, security in all corners of the museum, and to make sure things go smoothly in all the other areas (gift shops, food courts, ticket sales, etc.). Everyone operates more effectively with instant communication.

It doesn’t matter what kind of museum you operate or manage, Peak PTT can help you create a completely custom communications solution that allows you to offer your personnel instant access to communication with push to talk two way radios that offer advanced safety features and a wide range of accessories to promote prompt, effective, and discrete communications for everyone on your staff or a few key personnel.

Contact us here at Peak PTT at 855-600-6161 with any questions you may have about our push to talk radio communication solutions for museums.

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