Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radios for Las Vegas Hotels

Push-to-Talk (or PTT) two-way radios are the perfect tool to keep Las Vegas hotels operating at optimal efficiency. With so much competition in the area, it is important that you can provide the service and accommodations to compete with others. This means you must run a tighter ship in all departments.

These are just a few areas where PTT two-way radios can help you run a tighter ship at your Las Vegas hotel.


Housekeeping teams are in constant demand throughout the day. Some guests want to sleep in after a long night at the tables, and have their rooms cleaned at designated times. Others may create messes throughout the day that require instant attention. With PTT two-way radios it is easier than ever to divert members of your housekeeping team, as needed, to rooms that require attention outside of the usual housekeeping rotation – making happier guests and keeping your hotel properly tidy.

Maintenance Crew

Maintenance crews have special needs when it comes to two-way radios. They need rugged two-way radios that can take a few drops, splashes, and downright spills along the way. Access to instant communications with two-way radios means your maintenance team can provide quick responses to maintenance issues throughout the hotel. The fact that these radios are equipped with GPS technology means you can divert the closest available teams to maintenance emergencies in an instant.

Security Team

Security teams help keep your guests safe and maintain order. They are also there to respond to emergencies as they arise. For this reason, they require instant access to communication and easy coordination that push-to-talk two-way radios deliver.

Food and Beverage / Room Service

Because guests’ needs are constantly changing, food and beverage and room service staff require two-way radios to manage the constant flow of information, orders, and order adjustments that occur in the course of a normal day.

Front Desk

Front desk staff are sometimes the eyes and ears for all things that go on in a hotel. PTT two-way radios offer them the ability to stay in constant contact with management, security, maintenance, and more to ensure that all guest needs are met and to de-escalate situations that might require a managers finesse to handle. Discrete communications tools and accessories are well-suited to front desk employees.

Peak PTT can help you choose the perfect system and two-way radios to meet your unique needs. Contact us today at 855-600-6161 to learn more about how we can help you improve efficiency, customer service, and profits for your Las Vegas hotel.

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