Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radios for Indoor Mall Security

Cold winter weather always brings people into the warm indoors. People will generally choose to shop inside at a mall rather than walk from store to store at a strip mall in the cold weather. Combine that with the busy holiday season, and it’s, of course, no surprise that malls have many more visitors during these cold winter months. Especially during the holiday season, a mall can look like Grand Central Station with swaths of people looking to pick out gifts for themselves and others.

More people in indoor malls always means a greater need for security. One of the best and easiest ways you can improve security in a mall is by investing in the right push-to-talk two way radio. Unfortunately, in our day and age, many people packed into an indoor space like a mall can be a serious security threat. Besides people stampeding on black Friday sales, there is always the threat of an active shooter that can only be prevented, or at least properly addressed, with good security.

In addition, crowds of people often mean the potential for thieves and pick-pocketers, something which good security should be able to deter or address after the fact. Other common problems include lost children and emergency illnesses and injuries, both of which are better handled with effective security.

Here are some ways a PTT two-way radio can help you improve your indoor mall security:

Fast, Discrete Communication

Thanks to a wide range of headsets, earpieces, and microphones, it is easy to conduct private conversations about security concerns, cash transfers, and even problems with customers in retail stores without anyone around knowing the details of the conversation. Plus, with the one-touch nature of the PTT radio, security can communicate instantaneously with one another, facilitating quick communication, and allowing security to coordinate better in the case that a problem does arise.

GPS Location

Malls are huge, and often hard to navigate. If a problem were to arise, you wouldn’t want mall security having trouble getting to the location they’re needed. Thankfully, GPS-enabled two-way radios can lead help to the exact location every time.


Coordination is key for any security team. Good security coordination means that all security members are communicating clearly and quickly. The speed, range, and clarity of the Peak PTT two-way radios mean that your security team will never have a problem communicating, and can therefore address security problems effectively as they arise.

Peak PTT understands the unique challenges large retail spaces, like indoor shopping malls, contend with. From exposure to elements to crowd control and background noise, we have the best push-to-talk two-way radios designed to meet your needs and can help you create an ideal communications solution for your entire organization. Take some time to review our website, and call us at 1-855-600-6161 to learn more or to get your questions answered.