Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios for Government Communication

If you work in government, you understand the importance of clear and easy communication. Whether it’s public works, police and fire departments, emergency medical service, transportation, parks and recreation, or city council, government employees need to stay in contact with one another. Especially when those jobs bring employees outside or into potentially dangerous situations.

Our local townships depend on our local government, so we want to keep them safe while ensuring they have the necessary tools they need to be productive.

Read on to learn more about how Peak PTT can benefit your government employees.

Peak PTT for Government Communication

Here are the top 3 advantages of using Peak PTT two way radios for your government organization.

Multiple Channels

 You can outfit all government employees with Peak PTT radios without having to worry about using a channel that has departments talking over one another. Instead, you can use multiple channels are no extra cost so you can silo each department to a specific channel, while also allowing for one department to talk to another if need be.

Easy to use

Push-to-talk radios are very easy to use. At a push-of-a-button employees can send messages to one another. This is especially useful for employees who are out in the field or on the road. For employees who wear thick gloves or have their hands full, they can send messages with a free hand. Also, drivers don’t have to get distracted in order to send a message.


 Peak PTT two-way radios significantly improve the safety of government employees. They allow employees to instantly send messages if there’s a medical emergency. Also, you can choose radios with an SOS button that sends out an alert with the employees real-time location in the case of a medical emergency.

Cost Effective

Consider a Push To Talk Over Cellular communications system is a fraction of the cost, of a traditional Land Mobile Radio system, that has massive infrastructure costs to set-up and maintain.

Moreover, a PoC system has a much off-the-shelf range then your typical LMR system.  PoC leverages existing LTE infrastructure and the Internet to establish 2-way radio communications.  You can learn more at our website, www.PeakPTT.com  

Peak PTT offers push-to-talk two-way radios that are ideal for government communication.

Take a look at our push-to-talk two-way radio platforms today.