Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radios for Campus Police

When it comes to providing security of any kind, having reliable, quality communication is a must. On University campuses, the role of providing security and enforcing rules falls largely on campus police.

Depending on their funding, the size of the campus, and the number of students/faculty, this can be a challenge. But even on the smallest campuses, responding to emergencies and ensuring safety for all the residents is no easy feat.

Below, we’ll go over how push-to-talk two-way radios can benefit campus police.

Instant communication

Instant communication is vital for campus police officers to effectively do their job. With push-to-talk two-way radios, campus police officers can send messages with a push of a button.

Whether they’re asking for backup, sending a message to look out for a particular security threat, or addressing an emergency, speed is essential and you can’t get any faster than instant, immediate communication.

Long Distance

Traditional walkie-talkies don’t cut it for a number of reasons, including range. When campus police officers are spread across a large campus, they need to be able to rely on a radio that has long distance communication capabilities, otherwise their means of communication are rendered useless.

Peak PTT two-way radios utilize existing LTE networks to provide virtually unlimited range, so campus police are never left in the dark without communication.


Not all radios are built to last and withstand a variety of environments, but Peak PTT two-way radios are made with durability in mind. This is because we know that not only does durability save money in the long run, but it prevents officers from being left with a broken radio while they’re on the job.

Our radios are all built to withstand varying levels of dust, dirt, and water. If you need a moderately durable radio then the PTT-4G is a great option, but if you want a radio that is the most rugged and durable on the option, we’ve got that too with the PTT-624G Rugged LTE Radio.

Multiple Channels

Having access to multiple channels is always a valuable feature, especially when you have large numbers of people using a radio. This allows smaller groups of officers to have their own private channel so that a single channel is being unnecessarily overcrowded. This ensures that messages are always received by the right people and there are less misunderstandings.

Private Channels

Peak PTT also provides private channels that only people with access can use. This ensures that students or other locals aren’t monitoring the channel and compromising campus police’s privacy.

If you have any questions about adding push-to-talk two-way radios to your campus police force, give us a call at 855-600-6161.