Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios for Builders

There are many reasons why builders need to communicate quickly and effectively throughout the workday. From emergency prevention and enhanced safety protocols to making sure everyone is up to speed and on the same page when it comes to the latest construction project specs and updates, communication is the key to avoiding unnecessary delays and preventable mistakes in the building process. These are just a few reasons why push-to-talk two-way radios are essential tools for modern builders.

Two Way Radios Work Over Great Distances

Peak PTT two-way radios, for instance, operate on a nationwide 4G network with a 3G safety net to ensure that communication is always available for your crew. That means that whether your builders are spread out over the town, around the state, or across the country, you can expect solid, uninterrupted communication with your team when you use our push-to-talk two- way radios.

Ruggedized Devices that Withstand Wind and Rain

Builders work in all weather and conditions. More importantly, you work in a field where your radios are likely to get bumped, bruised, and perhaps even dumped a time or two along the way. You need radios that can survive and continue operating come what may, which is why our two-way radios with high IP ratings may be ideal to meet your needs.

Allow Multiple Streams of Data

Today’s push-to-talk two- way radios for construction companies are more sophisticated than those we used 20 years ago. In fact, modern two-way radios allow you to utilize multiple streams of information by sharing images, voice messages, and text messages. This makes them ideal choices for builders who may need to manage changes to blueprints and designs along the way that require an image of the blueprint they can incorporate into their work without driving back to the office.

Improve Collaboration Between Your Teams

Many builders work with different teams to manage various construction tasks. This may include plumbing contractors, electricians, architects, and more. Using push-to-talk two-way radios to communicate with all the teams at once, or individually allows you to keep the appropriate groups informed and provides a platform for collaboration between the teams you’re working with.

Peak PTT understands that builders face unique needs when it comes to communication. We offer you the option of customized communication plans designed for your unique business and how you operate. Contact us today to learn more about our two-way radios and how you can use them to stay on task, on target, and on budget with your building projects.