Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radios for Banks

There are quite a few banks that are still old school when it comes to their technology. They still may be using pen and paper for many of their processes and landline phones, for two examples. Larger banks have gone away from some old school practices, but small banks may still use them. Bert Lance once said “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This might be their mindset, but it is broken, and can definitely be fixed.


Two-way walkie talkies may be an old school way to communicate, but the idea has gained traction recently, especially with the availability of cellular technology.  PTT Over Cellular leverages existing cellular data and WiFi networks and the internet, giving you instant and secure talk.

While telephone calls (via cell phones now), are generally the main method of contacting someone via voice, banks can benefit from push to talk two-way radios as they are quick to use and the user doesn’t have to wait for the other end to “answer”. They can just start speaking, and the other side will hear them.  For example, if a bank teller has a question for their boss, they can quickly get an answer from their superior, and not hold up the customer teller line more than necessary.

Same goes with the teller who handles drive through banking. They won’t have to leave “their post”, should they have a question.

For bank employees that must visit multiple branches in their banking network, push-to-talk two-way radios can help them to quickly communicate with other branch members when out in the field.

These are just some of the multiple communication scenarios that a two-way radio can be used to benefit banks.


Banks also need to modernize their branches’ communication with secure mobility, and push to talk two way radios are a viable solution. This is very important for security. As an example, they can be easily used when someone is robbing the bank, whereby the security team can communicate with each other instantly.

With the most recent pandemic, many people have actually had to work from home instead of at the office with other branch banking employees. While people are working, they’ll likely have questions for their boss. How can these questions and answers be communicated in a safe and secure method?

There are systems that are specifically designed for bank communication. They have been created to maintain the security and privacy of these conversations that deal with a lot of sensitive and confidential information. Anything that creates a risk for a bank means that they have a chance of losing some of their clients and customers.

Not only will these systems provide a safe and secure method of speaking to one another, but with group communication, it will also help everyone be on the same page with what is happening within the branch. Whether it may be an activity for the employees or launching new processes/programs, these can really be a game changer in terms of efficiency, getting up to speed, and productivity.


Banking technology needs to be at the forefront of all things secure. The world is getting smarter, safer, and more dangerous — all at the same time. Banks need to be at the front of this curve.

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