Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios for Assisted Living Centers

Assisted living centers and nursing homes are tasked with caring for some of our most precious national treasures. It can be a demanding task on good days, and even more challenging on bad days. Many of the residents have health concerns, and the usual ups and downs that come with aging. Some of them are in unfamiliar territory, and still others struggle from day to day to hang on to who they are as dementia and other memory impairing conditions erase various defining moments in their lives.

Your job can be a challenging mixture of motion, care, and, on occasion, heartache. Whatever your job calls for in the course of a day, push-to-talk two way radios for assisted living centers can help you handle your tasks for the day with greater efficiency and great collaboration between other members of your team.

These are a few ways push-to-talk two way radios can help.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

It takes a lot of moving parts to keep an assisted living center operating smoothly. You have residents with unique needs at all hours of the day and night. Members of your team need to be in constant communication to ensure that everyone knows their roles for the day, including:

  • Transportation drivers: Responsible for getting residents to doctor’s appointments, entertainment outings, shopping trips, etc.).
  • Dietary employees: to ensure that dietary changes are noted and that no resident goes hungry because he or she wasn’t prepared to eat during traditional mealtimes).
  • Nurses: To provide direct nursing care for patients, monitor medications, and consult with physicians and facility management over concerns).
  • Nursing assistants: To provide personal care for residents, monitor and record vital signs, and help keep residents informed of activities they may find interesting).
  • Ambulance and medical drivers. To relay acute and critical medical care information about patients who may need transferred to a hospital.

The more people who are on the same page in assisted living communities, the smoother things operate.

Benefits of Using Two Way Radios in Assisted Living Centers

Not only are two way radios convenient for members of the staff to carry around and easy to operate, they are also affordable communications tools for the entire community. Members of your team in all departments can carry these radios around and stay on top of essential information for the day so that communications between departments is swift and discrete —thanks to accessories, such as earpieces, microphones, and headsets.

Peak PTT offers a wide range of two way radios ideally suited for the rigors of long hours caring for the people under your charge. Let us help you identify ways you can use these radios to operate more efficiently and encourage greater quality of life for the people who call your assisted living center home.

Call us at 855-600-6161 to discuss how Peak PTT two-way radios can help improve patient care and operating efficiency in your assisted living center.

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