Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radios for Agricultural Farming

Push-to-talk two-way radios are essential tools for sprawling agricultural farms today. These radios are designed to work whenever your people work, regardless of wind, rain, and even driving snow. More importantly, they offer a lifeline to people who may be working on dangerous equipment and machinery out of visual and audio range.

Whether your small is a relatively small, family farm or a huge agricultural-conglomerate, you need to be able to communicate with the men and women who work for the farm as well as those who run the business side of the operation without worries over busy signals, call waiting, or fat fingers that foil the process. Two-way radios offer ideal solutions for all these reasons and the following reasons as well.

Emergency Panic Functionality

Two-way radios are not only equipped with GPS locating technology, so you know exactly where each radio is, they also have panic buttons that allow users to send emergency alert messages that take precedence over all other messages. This means that when emergencies occur the right kind of help can get to the exact location where your people need it fast.

Receive Status Reports and Updates

Two-way radios today offer dual functionality for data and voice communication. This means your workers can send information, photographs, and voice communications letting you know the state of affairs on your farm.

This includes things like information about coyotes or predatory animals stalking your livestock, information about crop yield issues or areas where crops aren’t growing as expected, and concerns over water sources for cattle and crops alike. You can receive these reports throughout the day from teams located in different areas of your property.

Send and Receive Important Information about Materials and Supplies Needed

Whether you need to repair a fence along the border of your property, are running low on seed, or need additional feed for your chickens, you no longer need to wait and hope whoever discovered the need will remember to inform you by the time they call it a day and come in from the fields. They can simply send a text or voice notification so you can add it to your list.

Push-to-talk two-way radios on agricultural farms also allow you to coordinate efforts with other helpers when they’re not within your line of sight for a variety of purposes too. The bottom line is that your farm needs two-way radios to operate optimally. Peak PTT can help you learn more about the many ways you can boost your farm’s productivity with push-to-talk communication capabilities. Call: 855-600-6161 to see how this communication solution can help improve the efficiency of your agriculture farming business.

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