Push to Talk Radios for Football Stadiums

It’s that time of year when all thoughts, in many corners of the country, turn to one thing: football. Whether your focus is on middle, junior, or high school football, college football, minor league football, or the National Football League (NFL) keeping your stadium in top operational condition is a key focus for your organization.

Push to talk radios can be instrumental in keeping your football stadium in great shape all season long. These are just some of the ways it can help you stay on top of things for a smooth game behind the scenes no matter what’s happening on the field.

  • Crowd Management. Provide staff charged with managing crowds and directing the flow of foot traffic with these radios to coordinate their efforts and to call for assistance managing unruly guests.
  • Mobile Concessions. Keep up with the need for beer, large food orders, and even to notify security when certain guests need to be cut off or may be causing problems.
  • Security. All eyes are on security these days, especially at large events, PTT radios allow all teams to contact security and keeps security effectively communicating with one another throughout the event.
  • Lighting. Lighting is more important than most people realize when it comes to football. Enabling the lighting crew to communicate effectively with PTT ensures that fewer balls are misplaced by referees (in theory) and that no play, for better or worse, goes unnoticed by the crowd.
  • Vendors. PTT allows vendors to communicate with members of their staff to signal things like the two minute warning, signaling the half-time rush so they can gear for mid-game sales and the end of the game, so they can plan for post-game sales by fans killing time until the parking lots clear out.
  • Parking Staff. PTT radio can transform the valet parking system at games and help those tasked with managing the flow of traffic after games as well.
  • Event Coordinators/Event Staff. Planning events surrounding football games and taking place in the stadium outside of great games is much easier when you have the use of PTT radios to manage the events when they’re taking place, including coordinating with staff spread out across the stadium.
  • Set Up Crews. Notify crew members of specific needs, address concerns, and provide key details about what needs to be complete by certain times with the press of a button.
  • Take Down Crews. Signal members of your crew about areas of particular concerns, instructions about storing and transporting equipment, and potential hazards to watch out for when taking down the stadium for the next event.

Football is a big deal, but it isn’t the only thing that happens in football stadiums. Push to talk radios make communicating with others in these large buildings or open areas easy, accessible, and affordable.

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