Push to Talk (PTT) Two-Way Radios for Casinos

Casinos are huge operations that require multiple parts working together to create exceptional guest experiences. From gaming tables to slot machines, restaurants to shows, and all points in between, communication between each of these moving parts is crucial for your casino to provide your guests with superior entertainment and to remain one step ahead of your competitors.

Push to talk, or PTT, makes communication so much easier.

Who Needs PTT in Casinos?

You might be surprised at all the departments that can benefit from the use of PTT communications in a casino environment.

The list is long and includes many departments you may not even consider at first glance, including:

  • Casino managers
  • Maintenance
  • Slot technicians
  • Bar staff
  • Restaurant staff
  • Entertainment and events staff
  • Table games personnel
  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Housekeeping
  • Concierges
  • Main bank personnel
  • Restaurant managers
  • Guest service staff or casino hosts and hostesses
  • Valet dispatchers and staff

As you can see, very few, if any, departments in a functioning casino are untouched by the benefits push to talk communication provides.

How Can Push to Talk Two-Way Radios Benefit Your Casino?

The great thing about push to talk communication is that it is instant. There’s no dialing or texting. You simply push a button, one single button, to communicate. It’s easy to use and can be programmed with several different group settings so that you can communicate with specific groups, your entire casino staff, or individual people in the staff.

For instance, if surveillance notices someone who seems to be counting cards at one of the tables, they can discretely notify the table games floor person to take a closer look. Once that happens, if suspicions are confirmed, security can be discreetly called upon to manage the situation. This is especially the case if you equip your staff with earpieces so that the communications are private.

Benefits of PTT to Consider?

There are plenty of benefits that make push to talk communication a worthy consideration for your organization. Perhaps the first consideration is the relatively low startup costs. Compared to other communication options, PTT offers an extremely affordable start-up costs. Other benefits include:

  • Instant communication.
  • Noise canceling technology (especially beneficial with all the noise in a casino).
  • Panic button/SOS feature with GPS tracking for faster emergency response times.
  • Make emergency announcements to your entire organization.

PTT equipment is easy to use — and when you work with Peak PTT we’ll even help you through the process of creating groups, so you can get started immediately with your new communications tool.

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