Push to Talk (PTT) for Airports

According to PwC, future ready airports are expected to be the catalysts for massive growth in the transportation and travel industries. Whether transporting goods or people, airports throughout the U.S. must adopt future-ready technology, like push to talk, or PTT, or run the risk of becoming obsolete and unused.

Operating and/or managing an airport is no small undertaking. There are many moving parts, pieces, and people that make the entire organization work. Push to talk over allows you to communicate instantly with the vast array of people who make your airport deliver day after day.

Instant Communication Facilitates Faster Security Responses

All eyes are on airport security these days. While people have overcome earlier fears of flying, there are still lingering concerns by the public that a responsive airport security force can relieve. PTT technology allows you to communicate organizational messages or address only your security teams with concerns over suspicious luggage, unattended packages, and even anxious children searching for lost parents.

Cost Savings for the Airport

Even in the most advanced airports in the nation, costs are major concerns. Airports are big businesses, employing many members of the community. It takes a great deal of money to keep these businesses operating efficiently 24/7.

Push to talk offers a cost-effective communication solution that doesn’t sacrifice essential functionality over other PTT or two-way communication options. Not only is push to talk communication an inexpensive system to get started, but because it can be used with Android app or iOS app, it doesn’t require a substantial investment from your airport for monthly maintenance either.

Improved Flight and Airport Management

Many airport staff members have diverse roles within the organization that requires constant motion and never staying in the same place very long. PTT communication follows you where you go and keeps you informed about a variety of things including:

  • New flight schedules
  • Delayed flight details and information
  • Weather reports
  • Cancelled flight information
  • Gate information for incoming and departing flights
  • Changing gate information
  • Maintenance emergencies
  • General emergencies

And more. It does this for you, so you can adjust as needed and stay up-to-date with what is going on in the airport. This allows you to do your job more efficiently.

Thanks to the adoption of 4G LTE signals and Wi-Fi for communication, PTT technology is virtually future proof allowing your organizational communication needs to handle new challenges as they arise without missing a beat.

Contact Peak PTT to learn more about the ways push to talk (PTT) can make your airport future ready so you can become a catalyst for growth and a model other airports look to when planning future growth. Call us at 855-600-6161

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