PTT Two Way Radios for Charter Schools

The school season is officially back and that means school is in session for charter schools. With the increase in popularity of charter schools, there are more of them around the country and more students enrolled at charter schools and staff working at them. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), there are around 7,000 charter schools in the U.S. with 3 million students enrolled.

Although charter schools are different than traditional public and private schools, the staff and students have many of the same needs. For the staff and teachers, good and reliable communication is essential for smooth operations, efficiency, collaboration, security, and much more. As schools look for ways to improve, many school leaders and principals have begun turning to push to talk two-way radios for their charter schools.

So how can push-to-talk two way radios benefit charter schools?

Benefits of Two Way Radios for Charter Schools

 Two way radios are communication devices that allow people on both ends to send and receive clear messages over long distances. Unlike cellphones, they do not require a mobile plan or cellular connection.

School buses

 If your charter school uses school buses or other means of transportation for your students, two way radios can be a great help. Plenty of things can happen on a school bus including fights between students, car accidents, medical emergencies, and students who forgot to get off at their stop. Peak two way radios feature GPS tracking and a panic button so an emergency notification can be sent out immediately if there are any problems.

Medical emergencies

 Medical emergencies are not uncommon at any school. Children can have an unexpected and life-threatening allergic reaction, serious injuries can happen during recess, along with many other medical emergencies. Outfitting staff with two way radios will allow them to reach out for help as soon as possible. Therefore, if a medical emergency does happen, the school nurse can be contacted immediately and give any children the medical care they need while they wait for the ambulance.


 Unfortunately, we live in a time that is particularly dangerous when it comes to schools, and charter schools are not immune. School shootings are nothing to take lightly and every school has to be prepared for the worst. Outfitting staff and teachers with two way radios will make response time for any school crisis much faster. If there is a school shooter, for example, the message can be sent out immediately, the authorities can be contacted, and students and teachers can begin the safety protocol or evacuation.


 On a lighter note, two way radios are also very practical for increasing efficiency. Push to talk two way radios save time and footsteps by allowing staff and teachers to communicate with each other from across the school with the simple push of a button.

PEAK PTT offers push-to-talk two way radios through two main platforms: K2 and Everest. The K2 platform is our most popular, and designed for organizations for up to 499 radios.  With the K2 platform, you can purchase as few as two radios and add on more as needed. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee., If within 45 days you are not completely satisfied, we refund you less airtime charges. Call us at  1-855-600-6161 if you have any questions.