Peak PTT Two-Way Radios for Property Management

Push To Talk For Property Management

Property management teams are busy people. Perhaps now more than ever as people across the country are spending much more time in their homes. This means you rely on the ability to communicate with various members of your team safely, effectively, and with the appropriate social distancing in mind. Peak PTT two-way radios can help with all that and so much more. These are just a few ways our two-way radios can help your property management staff operate more effectively so you can get more done in the course of your day.

Improve Communication with Groundskeepers, Maintenance Staff, and More

Communication with your team is always important. It helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page, address emergencies, and verify the completion of tasks throughout the day. Whether your team is limited to a single property you manage or spread out over multiple properties in the course of a day, two-way radios give you the ability to communicate with everyone at once, a single member of your team, or a select group of team members.

Locate Team Members with the Press of a Button

Sometimes you need to know where your team members are. It’s as simple as that. Two-way radios allow you to track their exact GPS location so that you can provide assistance to team members, check their locations, respond to emergencies, verify time spent on specific jobs, and more. It makes verifying hours and keeping up with your staff easier than ever, from any computer equipped with our Push To Talk dispatch software.

Rugged Radios Available

Property management team members are constantly on the go. Many of them have jobs that are what one would call rough and tumble. They need radios and equipment that can stand up to the rigors of their day. Peak PTT offers a variety of radios that have been ruggedized to handle wind, rain, and a few hard knocks along the way and keep on working so you can stay in touch.

Transfer More than Voice Data

The other benefit of two-way radios from Peak PTT is that you can use your radios to transmit data, project specs, dimensions, blueprints, images, and more. It’s not all about having the right conversations anymore and Peak PTT two-way radios are here to help your entire team get the job done.

Contact Peak PTT today to learn more about our two-way radios and how you can use them to improve efficiency and more for your property management team.