How to Get Started with Peak PTT

If you’re reading this, then you know of at least a few of the ways Peak PTT radios can greatly benefit your business, whether it’s a small business or large-scale enterprise. So, now that you’ve decided to go forward with Peak PTT, you may be asking yourself how to get started. In this article, we will outline the easy steps you should take to get outfitted with Peak PTT radios as soon as possible.

1)  Choose Your Radio Platform

You can purchase our radios on our website or on the phone at 855-600-6161, Monday-Friday 7 am-5 pm MST.

We offer two main types of packages: the K2 platform and Everest for Enterprise.

  • Our K2 platform is the most popular as it is suited to most people and businesses, plus it’s less expensive. The K2 plan offers nationwide coverage, instant push-to-talk, the ability for individual radio users to talk to everyone along with one-on-one and group calls, unlimited channels, secure and encrypted communication lines, PC dispatch with GPS tracking, recorded live voice calls, SOS alert notifications, and much more.
  • Our Everest for Enterprise is mainly used for people that need 500 or more radios with some additional added features.

2) Select the Number of Radios You Want

 After you’ve picked your desired plan, choose how many you need. Our service is billed per radio, per month.

 3) Check Out

Once you’ve selected your desired radios, go ahead and checkout.

4) Check Your Email

Once checkout is confirmed you will receive an email with further instructions on how to activate your radios. Open your email and follow the instructions. Your radios Will Be Pre-programmed and Shipped Directly To You. Also, we can add additional channels, or change radio names at any time for you. (Users can also complete this form for radio name changes.)

5) Once You Receive The Radios, Turn Them On, and Start Using Them Immediately

 Our radios are sent ready to use right out of the box, so that you can start using them immediately.

 6) Call 855-600-6161 for Assistance if Needed

 Along the way, if you have questions, or need assistance with anything please call us at 855-600-6161, M-F from 7am-5pm PST.  Emergency Support is available at the same number, after normal business hours.

7) Cancel or Freeze Your Service Any Time

With Peak PTT radios you don’t have to worry about signing up for a contract. Our service is billed month-to-month so if you wish to cancel, pause, or change your service, you can do so at any time.

8) Utilize Our Website For More Information

 Our radios have tons of features and uses, so if at any time you want to learn more, check out our FAQs and other tabs on our website.

Enjoy using your PeakPTT two-way radios, and enhancing your business communication and efficiency!