How to Choose the Best Push to Talk Two Way Radio

Choosing the right two-way radio for your organization can make all the difference in the world for your overall communication. Choosing the wrong one, on the other hand, can mean endless aggravation, ineffective communication, and added expense.

It’s better to take your time now and choose the best push to talk two-way radio for your organizational needs than to invest in one that doesn’t meet your needs wasting both your time and your money in the process.

These are things you should look for when comparing our options.

Do the Available Features Meet Your Needs Today and Offer Room for Growth?

Room for growth is important. You invest in two-way radios hoping to get several years of daily use out of the equipment you buy. That’s what makes it a cost-effective option for many businesses. With that in mind, do the available features, now, promise to meet your needs as they evolve in the future and your business grows?

Peak PTT uses the latest technology. Today, we are only selling 4G enabled PTT radio devices.  What this means is that what you invest in today will last well into the future.  You might not realize this, ut a Major Telecom provider plans to sunset their 3G network in 2021.  This means that any 3G device will become obsolete on their network.

Is the Sound Quality Sufficient for the Work You Do?

Depending on the type of work you do, sound quality could be a real issue. For instance, if you plan to use the radios on factory floors or with people out in the elements attempting to restore power, you’re going to need strong noise-cancelling and voice clarifying features. Does the radio you’re considering offer these types of features?

 Peak PTT digital communication is crystal clear.  You also have the option to add  noise-cancellation headsets.

Is it Durable Enough to Meet the Demands of Your People?

Many businesses that utilize two-way radios are constantly on-the-move and on-the-go. You may work in harsh environments and may risk frequent drops, wind exposure, and even water exposure. Are the two-way radios you’re considering durable enough to handle the kind of daily treatment your employees are likely to dish out? What are the IP ratings of the radios? Do they protect against dust and water?

IP Ratings for Peak PTT Radios:

  • The Peak PTT-84G push to talk over cellular radio, for instance, offers a perfectly solid and respectable IP rating of 54, indicating it is protected from limited dust penetration and from water spray coming from any directions.
  • The PTT-584G Dedicated Push To Talk Rugged Handset has an impressive IP67 rating. It is waterproof rated to 3.3′ feet immersion for 30 minutes.

What Kind of Range Does it Offer?

How widespread are your communication needs? Some two-way radios have very limited ranges with sound quality deteriorating rapidly as you approach the edges of their ranges. There are radios that offer superior quality with nearly limitless ranges. Keep those in mind as possible options.

Peak PTT radios work anywhere there is cellular coverage. The radios use national carriers who provide extensive coverage across the United States.

Are there Appropriate Accessories to Meet Your Needs?

Finally, are there accessories available to make the radios more useful to your organization, like headphones and microphones to help keep conversations private, additional batteries, and even car chargers so members of your team can take their radios with them even when facing long days in the field?

Peak PTT radios are available with a wide variety of accessories, including radio cases, extra rechargeable batteries, lapel microphones, surveillance headsets, cigarette lighter adapter, noise cancellation headsets, and remote speaker microphones.

Getting the right two-way radio can substantially improve communication, efficiency, and profits for your business. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you choose the best option for your business.

Let us help you choose the best push to talk two-way radio for your business. Call us here at Peak PTT at 855-600-6161 or email us at

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