How PTT Two-Way Radios are Winning Over Cell Phones

There has been a recent trend toward push to talk, or PTT, two-way radios for businesses over using mobile phones. There are many reasons why so many businesses are making the switch to PTT, but these are a few at the top of the pile.


There are many PTT radios on the market today that are built for heavy-duty or rugged use. This means they can withstand a little wind, rain, and a few drops along the way. Most cell phones aren’t as durable and will crack under the pressure of a single drop. Plus, many cell phones become unusable in the wind and rain.

Longer Battery Life

This matters a great deal in industries where you have people working in the field or in industries, such as healthcare, where you have staff members on-the-go for long shifts, like nurses. In addition to extra batteries available for devices, some two-way radios offer longer battery life as a quality standard.

Easy to Use

The idea of push to talk is not just smoke and mirrors. The beauty of these two-way radios is that they allow members of your team to communicate simply by pushing a button. This means they barely need to miss a beat to receive or even respond to messages so that everyone stays on the same page with minimal fuss.

Communications Options

Unlike mobile phones, PTT two-way radios allow users the option to send messages to everyone, a small group of people, or individuals. It’s a game-changer for businesses that need to alert large groups of people about potential problems, emergencies, or small changes to the game plan.

Superior Sound Quality

Mobile phones do not offer the advanced technology of digital two-way radios for enhancing voice communication while reducing background noises such as wind, rain, construction noises, voices, music, and more. This makes them highly useful tools in many more situations than the average mobile phone.


Perhaps the best way PTT two-way radios are superior communication tools and completely winning over cell phones is that they are cost-effective tools for team communications – far more affordable than the average mobile phone. This is especially the case once the ancillary costs and fragility of most mobile phones are factored into the equation.

Still sitting on the fence about making the switch to PTT two-way radios? Call Peak PTT at 855-600-6161 today to learn more about the selection of push to talk radios and service we have to offer. You’re sure to love all we have to offer your organization.

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