History and Evolution of PTT Technology

Two-way radio communication can be traced back over a century. Originally discovered by German physicist, Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, who believed there was no practical application for the wireless waves he discovered.

Practical Uses for Wireless Waves

The first practical application for these wireless waves was as a communications tool used by ships at sea to communicate with entities on land. In 1923, the technology began getting use on land as it was adopted by Australian police, allowing them to communicate with dispatch from cars rather than relying on police boxes for communication.

Evolving Technology for Widespread Applications

Dispatchers across the U.S. have been communicating with drivers via radios for several decades. These were the original push to talk, or PTT, communications tools allowing offices to keep in touch with workers in the field. They used this method of communication for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Updating schedules.
  • Providing routing information.
  • Location checks.
  • Relay messages to workers in the field.

As the technology evolved, dispatchers had the ability to switch between open communication with the entire group to address a single driver, a smaller group of drivers, or the entire fleet as circumstances dictated.

Even then, the range of communication was limited to certain geographic areas and subject to interference by things like trees, mountains, rocks, buildings, etc. It made the use of PTT unreliable for many organizations, though nothing better was available for several decades.

The Modern Twist that is Revolutionizing an Industry

Today, the technology has evolved once again, making use of 4G LTE cellular signals to broaden the range of PTT communications to offer a nationwide communications solution for organizations large and small. From major energy concerns to small trucking businesses, the benefits of push to talk over cellular (POC) communications are nearly infinite. The list below is only a small sample of what POC has to offer.

  • Instant communication and feedback.
  • Nationwide coverage.
  • Group and private communication.
  • Crystal clear sound quality.
  • Noise cancelling technology to facilitate effective communication.
  • DOT compliance.

Businesses of all sizes are beginning to enjoy massive benefits from adopting PTT communications for their organizations. From better time management and more effective communication to a more cost-efficient tool for communicating with people on the ground and in corporate offices, PTT is revolutionizing communication once again – for the better.

Peak PTT is proud to be on the leading edge of a new communication front for businesses. We are happy to answer your questions and show you the many ways POC can specifically help you grow your business.

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