Company Cellphone Abuse by Employees: What Company Cellphones Really Cost Your Business

If you’re a business that provides company-provided cellphones to employees, you could be losing money due to cell phone abuse.

Here’s a statistic to know: A recent OfficeTeam survey reported about in Fortune magazine discovered that office employees spend an average of 56 minutes each day using cell phones at work for activities that have nothing to do with work. That’s almost one hour a day!

In fact, you might be losing money, not only in higher than necessary cellphone bills, but also in lost productivity.

Here’s why.

Employees who have company provided cellphones may be doing any of the following on company time:

  1. Texting and talking. With friends, family, and significant others.
  2. Surfing internet sites.  Like iFunny and other time-sucking websites costing you extra bandwidth and wasted man hours.
  3. Interacting on social media. Like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  4. Playing games on their phone. Pokemon Go, Candy Crush, PUBG Mobile, Angry Birds, HQ Trivia. You get the picture.
  5. Breaking phones with frequent drops or accidents on the job. These phones are not only expensive to replace, but also costly to activate.
  6. Leaving jobsites. To go home, run errands, exercise — you name it.
  7. Not answering. How many times have you called an employee just to get their voicemail?
  8. Shopping online via their mobile phone. A Washington Post news article reported that many of us are shopping online just about as often as we take out the trash. That is, about 33 percent of us buy something on a phone or computer at least once per week. And, shopping via phones and online is only expected to increase as a recent Forester study revealed that more than one-third of retail sales will involve the use of mobile phones, whether in the researching, comparing or purchasing process.
  9. Watching videos or movies. Could they be catching up on their binge-watching of their favorite shows or viewing funny cat videos on YouTube?
  10. Catching up on personal emails. Are they clearing out their personal email accounts on your dime?
  11. Reading the news or getting the latest sports statistics. Could they be using online sports gaming sites or crafting their fantasy football team?

All these things cost you and your business money.  Imagine how much time workers in the field waste this way?

Push to Talk: The Better Communication Option

There is a better option available for businesses to consider in Peak PTT.

Push to talk costs less than cellular service and gives you a greater oversight of your employees by offering the following benefits:

  • GPS tracking so you know employee locations at all times.
  • Enabling contact only with other employees and your company’s main office.
  • Opportunities for group communication or one on one communication with individual employees.
  • Elimination of unnecessary company-provided distractions that cost productivity.
  • Safety to use while en route to job sites versus cell phone text messaging.
  • Rugged devices to handle the rough and tumble nature of jobs in the field. (This means replacement equipment is necessary less often and less expensive than a cell phone.)

Push to talk walkie talkies offers a few other important features and benefits to consider as well. These are just a few of the impressive reasons you might want to adopt push to talk communication for your organization, instead of continuing to provide costly cellphones that are frequently abused by employees.

  • The ability to send groupwide alerts and messages. This means your employees get the message even if they don’t “pick up the phone.”
  • The ability to have instant communication. You only need to press a single button instead of looking up numbers or typing out messages, which can take up precious time when you have important messages to send.
  • The ability to provide an SOS button. This gives your employees the opportunity to send out emergency notifications when accidents occur, or emergency situations arise. It provides you with peace of mind and provides the GPS location of your employee at the time the message is sent.
  • The ability to comply with DOT regulations. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration( FMCSA) passed a law which limits the use of mobile phones by commercial drivers. Peak PTT enables compliance with this law.

Cellphones are great if you have money to burn, and they do have their place in certain types of situations. But most businesses need to make every expense matter, and that’s just one of the areas where push-to-talk radios shine.

Contact Peak PTT today to see how we can help you boost productivity and cut costs with push to talk or simply order online. Questions? Call: 855-600-6161.

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